Big Air Trampoline Franchise System Pushes to Go Nationwide

Big Air Trampoline Franchise System Pushes to Go Nationwide

Big Air Trampoline Franchise System Pushes to Go Nationwide
Big Air Trampoline Park is an amusement park that offers a wide range of experience-driven activities for people of all ages and has redefined the trampoline franchise market with an innovative, new and fun approach to the children’s entertainment model. Big Air has been in existence for more than five years and leverages over 30 years of experience in the amusement park industry. After having managed three successful parks in Southern California the company transitioned to franchising the trampoline model nationwide. Big Air has a multitude of differentiators from other trampoline parks in the market and felt strongly about the concept as a viable franchise offering. The time is now for the trampoline market with significant growth and market demand for fun, healthy and family oriented entertainment. This market trend has driven Big Air to begin looking to push for new markets and new locations nationwide through its franchise offering. Immediately, the response was positive with four new franchise locations joining the Big Air brand between South Carolina, North Carolina, and California.

The Big Air Story
In its 10 plus years of existence, the goal of Big Air has been to develop a high energy, safe entertainment experience for children, families, and people of all ages. After three decades operating Wilder Rivers in Irvine the group’s interest was to acquire waterparks across the western part of the United States. After acquiring waterparks, the potential of developing a trampoline park on the unutilized space was born. The attention was later shifted to the development of trampoline parks after its potential for growth became apparent. The company has developed to become one of the top amusement parks in the Western U.S.

Big Air Brand
The popularity of trampoline parks has been growing fast in the last decade. Many people are becoming aware of the various benefits of this high energy form of entertainment that is suitable for people of all ages. Founder Greg Briggs quickly recognized this potential three decades ago, when Wild Rivers in Irvine California was opened and changed the children’s entertainment market in Southern California. Over time, the market evolved and Wild Rivers transitioned to Splash Kingdom which installed a trampoline park as one of the activities within the park. The trampoline portion of the park quickly became the main attraction and Big Air Trampoline Park was born in Laguna Hills just over 5 years ago. In a short time period, it was clear that Big Air could be a national brand and the opportunity for growth was apparent.
Big Air has made its name as one of the most successful amusement parks in that region of the United States. This is despite competing with some of the big brands in the industry. Through their three decades of existence, the company has worked through the highs and lows to develop a successful business that now seeks to expand further through its franchise offering.

Initial Investment and Business Potential
The initial investment for the franchise is between 1.5 and 2.2 million dollars. This covers everything from franchise fee to training and all you’ll need to get the park running. This also includes the additional attractions that make Big Air stand out from its competitors. These additional attractions include the bullpen, a climbing wall, Battlebeam and a foam pit along with a variety of others depending on the space and specific location dimensions.
There are multiple income streams for the park. These are general admission, team parties, and birthday parties. General admissions are hour long sessions for people of all ages. Sessions can be extended for half the price. There are a number of packages for group events, birthday parties, and fundraisers. The income potential of Big Air Franchise model is an absolutely incredible $850,000. The model is so diverse and offers a variety of income streams which creates a significant revenue generating model with amazing profit margins. Of course, locations will perform dependent on their area demographics and characteristics, but the current track record of the model has been astounding.

Training, Support, and Guidance
Big Air will provide training and support at its headquarters in Laguna Hills California and what has allowed the system to recreate the success of the original corporate trampoline parks. The cost of training is covered in the initial cost of starting the franchise and franchise fees. Following corporate franchise training, the franchisor has a full support and training team who will come to the franchisee’s new operation for onsite training. The company has put together a rigorous training program for its future partners and delivers an incredible. Trainees will get guidance and support from experienced staff who have been instrumental in the success of Big Air during its three decades of existence.

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