Announcing the Sale of the First Shoe Shine Guys Franchise!

Announcing the Sale of the First Shoe Shine Guys Franchise!

For Immediate Release: July 2017

Announcing the Sale of the First Shoe Shine Guys Franchise!

June 27th, 2017 – The Shoe Shine Guys are proud to announce they just sold their first franchise location and couldn’t be happier with the newest addition to the Shoe Shine Guys family! The new franchisee, Mr. Joseph Venditti will be managing the entire state of Michigan and is based in the Detroit area. The new franchise partner had invested in a multi-unit franchise approach where over time, they will have 3-5 trucks on the road covering the state. The Shoe Shine Guys is a company that specializes in shoe shine and shoe repair services for a wide range of clients including households, corporate businesses, and even Fortune 100 companies. Through the experience and expertise that they’ve acquired over the years they bring convenience and professional appearance right to where you are. The Shoe Shine Guys have had four successful businesses in Southern Michigan and now the company wants to expand to new locations through its franchise offering. 


Who Are The Shoe Shine Guys?

The Shoe Shine Guys company was started by John Early who is also the owner. After his 25 years in the financial services industry, he saw a gap in the shoe shine service. He understood that what professionals need from a good shoe shine and repair business is professional service and convenience.

The Shoe Shine Guys cater for a wide range of clients from Individual Households, Small Businesses, and Large Companies. They also shine and repair other items besides shoes such as golf shoe spikes, leather purses, briefcases, and orthopedics. The Shoe Shine Guys will come to you once you schedule a stop.


Scheduling a stop:

  • Contact the shoe shine guys either via your phone or through email
  • Have your shoes ready during business hours
  • The Shoe Shine Guys will come to you with their fully equipped shoe shine truck. They’ll pick your shoes from your office and shine them then return them to you within a short time typically minutes. You don’t even have to leave your desk.


Shoe Repair Service

You can schedule a stop from the Shoe Shine Guys. They’ll come to your office or premises and pick up the shoes which will be repaired at your premises. The shoes will then be returned within two weeks as looking good as new.

The shoe shine guys repair torn shoes and worn heels. A quality shoe can be restored seven to ten times, while men’s shoes can have the sole restored up to fifteen times. This means you can get up to twenty years of a good pair. The Shoe Shine Guys use quality replacements like the Avanti heel tips for women’s shoes. Thanks to its professionalism and attention to detail the company has managed to cast a net that covers residential clients as well as small and big businesses.

The Shoe Repair Service Includes:

  • Restoration of Leather goods: Jackets, briefcases, purses.
  • Sewing repairs: Sewing  and zipper replacement


The Franchise

You can start your own mobile shoe shine and repair service anywhere through the Shoe Shine Guys franchise. The concept is low risk, has a high potential for ROI and is adaptable nationally. The company has been getting five-star reviews ever since it was founded. The concept is proven and tested and you can tap its success through the brand which has been successful in its South Michigan locations namely; Lansing, Saginaw, Down River and Clinton Township. The owner has put together a comprehensive training package for franchisees to get them started towards meeting their goal of running a successful mobile shoe shine and repair service business.


For more information on The Shoe Shine Guys, visit the corporate site:

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