Indianology Café: New Indian Restaurant Franchise with Great Potential

Indianology Café: New Indian Restaurant Franchise with Great Potential

For Immediate Release June 2017


Indianology Café: New Indian Restaurant Franchise with Great Potential


Residents of Honolulu can now enjoy fresh flavored Indian cuisine at Indianology.  Indianology is a new derivation of an established high-end Indian Food service and Catering brand located in Hawaii.  The Indianology founders saw an opportunity to simplify and refine the business model into a QSR platform that could offer the same exquisite food in a fast, easy and casual setting essentially bringing great Indian food to the mass market. You can grab some breakfast, lunch or dinner from this newly launched eatery in conveniently located in downtown Honolulu. You can also enjoy their specialty drinks and daily specials. The Indianology restaurant is now looking to expand through its new franchise opportunity to markets around the world. 


Great Food and Excellent Service

Indianology Café is a great place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food is prepared by a chef who was born and raised in India and has insight into all of the most popular and great tasting Indian dishes. The chef has more than 34 years of experience in Indian cuisine and fusion culinary experience making every meal taste like a fine dining experience.

At Indianology Café food is prepared with locally available ingredients including authentic spices, vegetables and other ingredients that make every bite taste like a flavor explosion. What makes Indianology great, is that the food is affordable also; most breakfast meals are about $10 with most lunches and meals being within the same price range or slightly higher.


Indianology Franchise Opportunity

The restaurant is already enjoying a great deal of success having only launched in 2017 and the founders of the brand immediately recognized the opportunity for growth and success in more markets. There are an abundance of reviews that speak highly of the restaurant’s food and service. The management team of the brand have maintained a high level of service delivery and have consistently served food that meets their customer’s expectations.  Indianology Café is currently looking for potential partners to expand their business to new territories. Indian food has been gaining popularity in America over the last few years. Indianology Café has already built a reputable brand around it and therefore potential customers looking to start a restaurant can benefit a great deal by taking advantage of the franchise.


Training, Support and Guidance from a Management Team who Cares

Indianology Café will provide training on all aspects of running the restaurant. In order to replicate the success of the business, you’ll need to understand the strategies and tactics that the managers of this already successful restaurant have been using to uphold its success.  The heart of the business is Indian food. It requires some good culinary skills to prepare Indian cuisine which is known for its unique taste and flavor. An Indian chef with more than three decades of experience will train you and walk you through the process to ensure that your servings are of the same quality that drove the original restaurant to its success.


You’ll also get in depth training on certain aspects of running a food service business. The franchisor will show you how and where to source fresh ingredients that you’ll need to prepare fresh Indian food. Your new franchise business will also benefit from support and training materials you’ll receive from the franchisor.

It’s a great business to start for those who are on a budget. The number of Indian restaurants in the U.S. is high, but there are very few branded chains or franchised Indian restaurant brands which means there is likely to be very little competition in the areas you’re planning to start a new restaurant. It is a simple concept with limited employees but with a healthy cash flow and lean operating responsibilities.

For more information about the Indianology franchise contact Indianology Café here.




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