Ultimate Image: Cosmetic Treatment Center Franchise

Ultimate Image: Cosmetic Treatment Center Franchise

Ultimate Image: Cosmetic Treatment Center Franchise

Ultimate Image is a cosmetic treatment center based in Clearwater, Florida, that provides the latest cutting-edge cosmetic procedures to people of all ages. The center is run by Dr. Todd Besnoff who has had more than two decades experience working in the medical field.

Dr. Besnoff’s practice has been successful thanks to its commitment to providing the highest level of safety and quality medical care to its patients. This is important in ascertaining that the client gets natural-looking results without developing any complications. Dr. Besnoff’s experience has been valuable in ensuring the clinic achieves this consistently since it was founded.

Friendly and Supportive Staff that will help You Build Your Business

Millions of people experience hospital anxieties and they may be afraid of undergoing procedures, visiting medical centers, or even taking medication. These phobias can discourage people from visiting medical facilities for procedures that could dramatically change their lives for the better.

With Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center, patients walk into the state of the art facility, that is designed to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for people of all ages. The staff at the facility is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Members of staff will work with you from the time you book an appointment to the time you get back home after the procedure. Ultimate Image recognizes the value of a supportive staff which is not only important in making the patient feel relaxed but also in ensuring the patient gets the result he or she has been expecting.

State of the Art Equipment and Procedures

Ultimate Image is the only cosmetic medical center in Tampa Bay that provides Verju laser treatment. Verju is an FDA approved a procedure that uses a low-level laser to target uneven pockets of fat in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. It has many advantages over procedures offered at other cosmetic medical centers. The benefits include no risk of complications, no downtime, and is a simple nonintrusive procedure.

The medical center operates, maintains, and stores the equipment within the facility. This ensures that the center provides its services to its clients without being bogged down by scheduling and maintenance issues. By maintaining and storing its equipment in-house, Ultimate Image can ensure that tools required for their cutting-edge procedures are always available – by avoiding scheduling problems associated with hiring equipment from third-party providers. This is good for both the patient and the business.

Medical Spa Franchise Opportunity

If you are interested in starting your own cosmetic medical facility, Ultimate Image provides an opportunity to potential franchisees to tap into their experience and solid business model. Their concept is unique as it offers procedures that are clearly differentiated from services offered by other cosmetic medical facilities across the country.

When you join the franchise, Ultimate Image will provide the support you need to ensure your business is a success. The model has been adjusted and refined to ensure ease of replication and implementation. Ultimate Image franchise is one of the most successful models in the cosmetic services industry. Training will be done at their headquarters in Florida. The franchise is currently open to potential franchisees.


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