RC Evans Institute Franchise: Reputable Program Requiring a Few Hours of Commitment Weekly

RC Evans Institute Franchise: Reputable Program Requiring a Few Hours of Commitment Weekly

RC Evans Institute Franchise: Reputable Program Requiring a Few Hours of Commitment Weekly

RC Evans is an institute that provides organizations with sales and management training that has helped to push these organizations to new heights. The institute was founded by Robert C. Evans who has had more than 40 years experience working with businesses around the world. In the United States, he has provided training for over 180 of Fortune top 250 companies.

Robert C. Evans attributes the success of the institute to its unique business to business (b2b) sales training. The program includes training sales staff in areas such as how to come up with an accurate profile of your prospects, how to communicate effectively with your target audience, understanding how a client processes information using neural linguistic programming, amongst others. At the end of the course, Robert follows up with the trainees to support and motivate them.

The Franchise

RC Evans Institute is now a franchise that is open to franchisees who qualify.  The founder has worked for decades to come up with a training program that is effective, profitable, and replicable. Since they provide a training to their clients, the company is looking for people with strong time management skills, solid skills in sales and customer service, as well as meeting the initial investment requirements.

Cost and Investment

The fee of one franchise license from RC Evans Institute is $50,000. The franchisee will need to make an initial investment to cover costs such as paying for utilities, leasehold improvements, insurance, office expenses, and the initial training. The total franchise cost including the franchise fee is expected to be between $63,000 and $91,000.

Training and Support

The franchisor will provide training and support at no additional cost, to ensure that your franchise business is successful. The company has an ongoing research and development section that will provide information and data to franchisees. Successful applicants can also expect to get support in purchasing, accounting and legal matters, and operational support such as setting up the computer system.

You will be required to undergo two weeks of training before you start your business. This training will take place at the RC Evans Institute Headquarters located in Georgetown, Texas. After your business operations commence, the franchisor will send staff to your location to provide onsite training. This training is expected to last for two to three days. Every year there will be two refresher training courses for franchisees. This includes the operational, marketing, and sales support your business will receive from the franchisor.


Franchisees can be businesses looking to convert and join the RC Evans Franchise, or new startups that want to start from scratch. RC Evans Institute has exclusive territories for successful applicants of the franchise. Each territory is defined as an area having a population of approximately 500,000 people.

This franchise opportunity is ideal for people looking to make an extra income during their spare time. According to the founder, it requires a small hourly commitment weekly. RC Evans Institute is also a reputable brand that has worked with top companies in the United States and organizations around the world. It is ideal for those looking for an affordable franchise with only a few hours commitment every week.


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