Gyro Chef: New Food Truck and Catering Service Franchise

Gyro Chef: New Food Truck and Catering Service Franchise

Gyro Chef: New Food Truck and Catering Service Franchise

Gyro Chef is a new franchise that provides the highest quality of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Dishes. Ali Moradi, who was born in Chiraz, founded the mobile unit and food truck business in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014.

Ali Moradi has spent most of his life dedicated to creating the best of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes for his customers. He spent more than a decade working for Mediterranean cuisine and providing food and catering services. He sold his first business, the Seven Seas Café so that he can focus on the Gyro Chef Franchise. The franchise is now open to potential investors looking to start food truck and catering business in their own territories.

The Food Truck Service

Gyro Chef is a mobile food truck and catering service that operates in Midtown, Roswell, and Alpharetta in Atlanta. The company provides catering services to clients in these regions looking for the best Mediterranean cuisine. The business caters for all kinds of festivities, from birthday parties to corporate events. Bookings can be conveniently done only on the franchisor’s website.

One of the advantages of a franchise is that you can tap into an existing model and use the techniques and strategies to make the business successful in your own territory. The food truck business can be confusing for new entrepreneurs getting into the market. Gyro Chef has worked towards success in Alpharetta, Midtown, and Roswell and is looking to share the successful model with entrepreneurs.

The restaurant has a relatively diverse menu options which include a menu for kids, main course meals such as the Mediterranean rice bowl, loaded Greek fries, Greek salad, and side options such as Humus, Saffron rice, and French fries. Gyro Chef is distinguished by its expertise to provide the best Mediterranean food which is available from their food trucks and through their catering service.

Investing in the Food Truck Franchise Market

  • Franchise Fee: The franchise fee for starting a food truck is fixed at $25,000. The initial cost of investment can vary depending on where you want to locate your business. The investment cost covers rent and leasehold improvements, acquisition of computer equipment and software, and other fees and permits. As a franchisee, you should expect the total cost to be approximately between $123,000 and $215,000 inclusive of the initial franchise fee.
  • Territories: For franchisees who are either looking to start a new food truck and catering service or convert their existing business, Gyro Chef will offer exclusive territories. The company will make its determination on where your territory will be, in order to ensure franchisees get the most of the business.
  • Franchise Marketing Systems:  The Gyro Chef franchise platform utilizes incredible marketing models to drive traffic and create new customer traffic for your food truck business.    

Incredible Franchise Support and Training

You can expect to get direct support from the company when you start your business. You will be supported when it comes to your marketing strategy, support for accounting and purchasing as well as information from the research and development department.

The franchisor will provide the initial one to two-week training at a location to be determined by the company. Franchisees can also expect to get refresher courses every year, as well as ongoing support as defined by their business plans.


For more information on the Gyro Chef Franchise, visit the franchise page:





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