Figurella Franchise: A Successful International Women Fitness Brand

Figurella Franchise: A Successful International Women Fitness Brand

Figurella Franchise: A Successful International Women Fitness Brand with Enormous Potential in the United States

Figurella is the largest women-only fitness center and spa worldwide. The Italian spa and fitness brand has expanded to include 350 regions in 20 countries around the world. The brand has been successful in selling its unique fitness program in regions around the world, particularly Europe, South America, and the U.S.

In 2012 the company introduced their unique fitness brand to the American market. They started with two new locations, and by the end of 2017, they should have six locations in South Florida. The company is now calling on entrepreneurs to invest in the franchise and their unique method which has made the company successful in many regions around the world.

 The Figurella Method

Figurella seeks to provide women in different professions, with a simple workout program that does not take a long time but is effective in helping their clients reach their fitness goals. Their unique program includes a three-step program, which entails working out in a controlled temperature environment. This is based on the scientific observation that the body’s metabolism performs better at the optimum temperature. The result is an effective workout that can be accomplished in a much shorter time.

Figurella also has patented equipment such as the oxygen detox bath which is used to boost your metabolism by increasing the supply of oxygen in the body. Since the equipment is patented Figurella is in a position to offer these services exclusively without direct competition. The program is tailor-made to fit the schedule of busy women professionals.

 Investing in The Figurella Weight Loss and Fitness Franchise

Figurella is an international franchise that is looking to expand to new locations worldwide. The company was introduced in the United States in 2012 and most of the locations are in South Florida. The company is looking for franchisees who are passionate about fitness, are problem solvers and understand the model that Figurella is trying to introduce into the market.

To be a franchisee you need to pay a franchise fee of $50,000. The total franchise cost should be between $207,000 – $384,500 The main expenses include rent and leasehold improvements, the cost of buying furniture, acquiring computer systems, as well as license and permits.

 Support and Training from a Franchise that Cares.

Franchisees should expect to get marketing, operations, accounting and legal support once their applications have been accepted by the franchisor. The company has an ongoing research and development department that provides franchisees with important information on how to run their business.

Training will be provided by the franchisor from the headquarters of the company. The training fee is included in the initial investments you’ll pay when your application is successful. You’ll get one on one training from staff that has worked for the company that has been successful in women’s spa and fitness services around the world.

Figurella is a reputable international brand that has been successful in its country of origin Italy, as well as other regions around the world for more than 3 decades. Its unique method gives them an edge over competitors and provides a great opportunity for American investors.

For more information on the Figurella franchise model, visit the franchise page: 

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