The Middle Spoon: Restaurant Spot with an Incredible Taste for Desserts and Cocktails

The Middle Spoon: Restaurant Spot with an Incredible Taste for Desserts and Cocktails

The Middle Spoon: Restaurant Spot with an Incredible Taste for Desserts and Cocktails

The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar opened its doors in Sugarland, Texas recently offering desserts made daily in the classic style. The popular Sugarland restaurant spot went on to expand its menu offering cocktails, fresh juices, homemade syrups, and a high-quality drink selection. Food offering includes sandwiches, soups, and salads made with the same approach guaranteeing great taste and quality. The restaurant is now a hot spot for Sugarland and Houston residents sought after for its great food and relaxed atmosphere suitable for an afternoon with friends, but also has areas suitable for an intimate time alone or with a date.

Mouth Watering Desserts and Cocktails

One thing you’ll notice when you pick up the menu is that Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar has one of the widest selection of insanely good drinks and cocktails. You can choose between classic sweet cocktails such as Pina Colada or the Long Island iced tea, strong and savory, as well as gin, vodka, and whiskey-based cocktails.

The bartenders are encouraged to create unique cocktails to keep things interesting and help guide the guest through an incredible dining experience. The Desserterie and Bar management team put a lot of effort into picking the right ingredients for their cocktails and drinks. The drink syrups are made in-house which in inline with their tradition of making fresh foods and drinks in the classic style.

Middle Spoon’s Dessert menu has a variety of delicious offerings made with fresh homemade ingredients. The Cardamon Carrot Cake is a twist on the classic cake but is made with fresh ginger and sandwiched between a delicious Cardamon cream cheese frosting that will leave you gasping for another bite. The cake is often served with the sorbet of the day. Another popular dessert is the Chocolate Brown Pie (this one made my eyes roll back into my head!) which is made of chocolate custard prepared in-house and topped with an in-house prepared whipped cream, hot fudge sauce and brownie crumbles.

Food that will give you Day Dreams.

Middle Spoon has with time also included new and innovative fresh food offerings on its menu. Even though the dessert menu is larger than the food menu, there is a good selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches offering a strong lunch menu and a nice dinner selection. The Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower is a popular soup made with garlic, cauliflower, celery, and onions prepared in chicken broth. If you’re looking for a soup with healthy ingredients, the sweet potato soup has ginger, carrot, and coriander pureed in vegetable broth.

Atmosphere and Ambience set the Tone. 

The Sugarland Cocktail Bar is popular with patrons who are looking to enjoy desserts in a casual relaxed environment with great service.  The staff is friendly and can recommend drinks and cocktails based on your preferences. They are in a great position to do this since they are encouraged to experiment with ingredients so as to come up with a great twist on the classic cocktails.

The ambiance is beautiful and elegant. The stunning light fixtures and pieces of artwork are carefully placed against the classy red and silvery mauve walls. There are areas with cluster-styled seating where you can share desserts and cocktails with friends, and areas that are private and intimate suitable for a date. The Middle Spoon is based on a great and increasingly popular concept offering traditional style desserts, snacks, and cocktails with a unique twist. The eatery has delivered on quality menu offerings, great ambiance, and customer service and I would definitely recommend you try it.


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