Franchising Opportunity with Green Doctor

Franchising Opportunity with Green Doctor


Franchising Opportunity with Green Doctor

Based in the state of Alabama, Green Doctor is a licensed and technically trained company offering lawn, pest and environmental services. Green Doctor focuses on offering only the latest techniques and equipment to provide the essential services the home and business owners need to treat a lawn and remove unwanted pests. From the very beginning, Green Doctor has focused on providing and safe and better functioning solution to lawn care and pest control. Management of the Green Doctor has now created a specialized model so that franchising of the company can now begin. The concept created fits into the franchise marketplace of today, providing a business model for an initial investment that is both realistic and reasonable.

Getting Started in a High Margin Pest Control Franchise

Individuals who wish to invest in a Green Doctor franchise can do so starting from their home. The Green Doctor model offers the ability to operate the business from a standardized vehicle. The franchisee can get started in the business with the initial tooling required for around $61,080. With the start-up pricing, the franchisee will be given everything needed to start a lawn care business with pest remediation that focuses on the satisfaction of the customer.

Quality Training and Support

You may be asking yourself, why choose Green Doctor? For individuals looking to invest in a proven business model, this is the right choice. Not only are you provided with the information to create a lawn care and pest control business, you are given the tools to do so along with quality training and support. The management team of Green Doctor will provide you unparalleled training and support as you join the franchise family. The model for creating your own franchise has been structured in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Initial training for franchisees takes place in Springville, Alabama, the location of the company headquarters.

Support is not only provided for your operational and marketing needs but also accounting, auditing, and legal needs. Every aspect is covered so that you do not feel overwhelmed or left without the information you need to get started. Research and development of lawn care and pest control services continue at Green Doctor and any information is brought to your location as it is made available, so you can continue to grow and succeed as the company does.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Green Pest Control Franchise?

At the Green Doctor, we are searching for individuals who have good character and are ready to operate a new business with complete integrity. Interested franchisees should have a solid understanding of business economics and have past experience in the pest control and lawn care industries. An individual who already works in the field of pest control and/or lawn care, particularly a licensed operator, will be able to succeed with the Green Doctor program.


If you want to become your own boss today with a Green Doctor pest control franchise, complete a form and meet with us. We are ready to see Green Doctor spread across the United States providing quality pest control and lawn care to everyone.


For more information on the Green Doctor Franchise model, visit the franchise page:


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