South Beach Boxing Franchise

South Beach Boxing Franchise


South Beach Boxing Franchise

South Beach Boxing has been a South Florida staple for 20 years now and the time has come to change the world of fitness with a brand and business model that brings culture, energy, structure and a completely new perspective. Since she founded the gym in 1998, Jolie Glassman has been working to transform lives one gym member at a time. South Beach Boxing offers the opportunity to engage in a workout that is not only motivating and empowering but also incredibly fun and yields AMAZING results across MANY areas in one’s life. South Beach Boxing offers workouts, personal training, and classes catered to those with an interest in  ANYONE wanting to have fun while they workout AND get SUPER strong physically AND ACROSS THE BOARD IN EVERY THING THEY DO along with gettting super fit & confident. 


The techniques used at the gym and in the classes are those used by professional boxers and they are in the MOST AMAZING PHYSICAL SHAPE out of any athlete. They train to generate power using EVERY SINGLE POUND OF THEIR BODY, FROM THE TOE UP, ALWAYS, FOR EVERY EXECUTION AND they are calculated and calm. Gym members are not only gaining valuable skills but also obtaining here again mentioning how the results are INSANE & way more than ever imagined in so many areas of one’s life….. results that are like no other. Boxing helps to boost cardiovascular fitness, while toning and increasing strength and confidence as well. Building confidence AND strength in all areas of life are first and foremost – as how you do one thing is how you do everything & you just become stronger, better, fitter, faster, for longer than you ever imagined you could be AND you own your own power AND stand confidently & powerfully in all you do (the proof is in our RAVING FANS from all over the world over the past 20 years AND many have tried to copy but have never been able to capture / duplicate – the energy, the service, the community, the REALNESS, the brand.

South Beach Boxing is looking to expand and is now offering franchise opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting new business opportunity, read further to find out more. 


Boxing Franchise Training and Support that Works. 

By joining the South Beach Boxing team as a franchise owner, you will receive ongoing training and support to make sure your franchise gets off the ground without a hitch and stays successful. You will receive an extensive training regimen so that you feel confident in your franchise and can open successfully. You will begin with a 2-3 week training session at the Miami headquarters. This initial training will teach you all you need to know about this successful business and will take place approximately 8-12 weeks prior to your opening.

Once you are ready to open, you will receive a week of onsite training, the week before your opening, to be sure that everything is good to go for the grand opening. Once you are up and running you will be required to attend a refresher training each year for approximately 2 days, again at the headquarters in Miami. Throughout the life of your franchise, you will receive the support and training you need to encourage you in your franchise and its continued success. 

You will always have someone to speak to regarding any needs or concerns you might have. Your support from then on out will include a visit or two each year from a support staff to check in, as well as ongoing marketing, operational, purchasing, accounting and legal support.

Getting Started: Qualifications and Franchise Investment

South Beach Boxing is looking for franchise owners who have strong sales and customer service abilities, excellent time management skills, stable financial status, commitment to serving and improving others’ lives.  The location of the franchise in your area will be determined based on a number of factors, including population, household income, competition in the area, population age, etc. The estimated average cost to begin a South Beach Boxing franchise is approximately $376,000.

If South Beach Boxing sounds like the perfect franchise opportunity for you, what are you waiting for?! Start your journey of owning a business and help others change their lives in the process! 



For more information on the South Beach Boxing Franchise, visit the franchise page:

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