Mosquito Police Franchise Goes Live!

Mosquito Police Franchise Goes Live!

Mosquito Police Franchise Goes Live!

Mosquito Police is a pest control company based in Northern Wisconsin which was founded by leadership who had come from the landscaping industry and saw an opportunity to provide mosquito and pest control services. The company is the brainchild of George and Dawn Packard who started it as an add-on to their already successful business; Family Lawn & Landscape. The purpose is to provide effective pest control services using an all natural treatment that does not leave odors or residues.

Mosquito Police was founded in the summer of 2017 and it serves as a prototype for their new pest control services, the service model was an immediate hit with consumers in the area. The founders have fine-tuned the service using the experience they got running the successful Family Lawn and Landscape business. The result is a low-cost franchise that provides highly effective treatments for pest control.

The Mosquito Control Franchise Concept

The mosquito control business arose after the franchise founders realized that there was a need for a more functional, simple, and safer solution to controlling pests. The organization comprises of pest control experts equipped with the latest techniques and equipment.

Safety is one of the key objectives of the service. Their motto is, ‘spray your lawn, not your kids’. Mosquito Police only use products and strategies that are minimally invasive and do not leave toxins or cause side effects after the application of the treatment.

They specialize in the elimination of mosquitoes and ticks from your home. The service also includes single spray treatment and putting up control barrier for pests. The business provides several income streams. It has a unique service proposition; they use no toxins and leave no residue.

The Pest Control Franchise Offering

The franchise was designed to have a low-cost initial investment. The franchise fee is approximately $50,000. The fee includes all the initial tooling you’ll need to get started. You can operate from a standardized vehicle with the Mosquito Police branding. You do not need to worry about rent or real estate acquisitions.

The franchise fee also includes training and support. The franchisor will provide the initial training at the company’s headquarters in Northern Wisconsin. During this initial training, franchisees will be coached on the latest cutting-edge solutions and techniques that they need to deliver quality services to their client. There will also be training that will take place at the franchisee’s site to ensure the business is running smoothly. From time to time, the franchisor will provide information from the company’s ongoing research and development department.

Mosquito Police have fine-tuned its marketing strategy to ensure faster and more efficient delivery of service. The marketing system brings together sales, marketing and operational tools to improve the delivery of service and bring in new clients. Marketing support will be provided to franchisees and this will also include the software needed to run the business. Staff may be sent from the company’s headquarters from time to time to help deal with issues related to the business.

What is the Next Step to Opening your Own Mosquito Police Business?

The franchise requires a low cost and realistic initial investment. You don’t need to make expensive real estate acquisitions. Additionally, you can get your own exclusive territory as the franchise is territory based. Mosquito Police is a great franchise with minimal capital outlay, unique selling proposition and have multiple income streams for revenue generation.


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