Kids Empire Franchise Opportunity

Kids Empire Franchise Opportunity

Kids Empire Franchise Opportunity

Kids Empire is a secure indoor child’s playground started in Southern California and is expanding across the United States with an exceptional children’s franchise model. Creators of children’s indoor playgrounds understood the high-profit potential available to any entrepreneur looking for a successful business opportunity. Kids Empire share in these understandings and are confident they are the franchise to choose. The following are some significant reasons why:


Profitable Earnings 

Development of Kids Empire within the United States began in December 2016 in California. Gross revenue in the first two weeks of the opening was $31,844. Revenue increased in the following month at $138,747 and continues to grow today. (Review the Kids Empire Item 19 in the FDD).  Furthermore, the number of both adults and children who entered rose greatly each month. With the growing popularity of indoor playgrounds, a business entrepreneur can be confident that a franchise with Kids Empire will be successful for many years to come.

Consumers enjoy indoor parks for their children because of the many benefits it provides. One of these includes physical activity their children love. Kids want to come to these playgrounds and parents are happy to bring them. Another great benefit parents enjoy is the ability to shop by themselves in the mall while leaving their child securely on their own. Or, they can stay with their child and experience all the park offers.


Increased Sales and Opportunity for the Children’s Franchise

Consumers of indoor parks come to the mall to play but stay to shop. A 2016 report from studied the number of impulse purchases in the US. According to the report: 84% of American consumers have purchased on impulse; 79% of these impulse purchases were made in a store; impulse purchases decrease as we get older. Therefore, adult consumers of indoor children parks are at an age when impulse shopping is at its highest. 

Malls with indoor parks attract consumers from as far as a 25-mile radius. This allows for both stores and restaurants nearby to see an increase in sales leading to greater profits.


Increased Success 

Due to investing in an already established concept, the success of a Kids Empire franchise is increased. Statistics show risks associated with establishing a business from the ground has many risks. However, a franchise has a successful business model for support. Strengths have been sharpened and weaknesses remedied.


On-Going Support

Franchise owners receive terrific support. With several aspects needed for a successful business, if a problem arises, a dedicated staff member is ready to provide assistance.


Market Growth 

Kids Empire has long-term goals of expanding development in the US. With one already open in California, their goal for 2017 is opening 10 more indoor parks. Their goal by the time 2020 rolls around is to have opened 100 parks.


For more detailed information about starting a Kids Empire franchise, visit the franchise page on the model:

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