The FireMaster Franchise Model

The FireMaster Franchise Model

The FireMaster Franchise Model

FireMaster is known for providing their customers with great, high-quality services, but they also offer so much more. They offer their technicians, and others, the ability to own a FireMaster franchise, and with FireMaster franchising is easier than you may think. For franchisees, the business model is already created and the procedures are set forth. With these procedures already in place, a new franchisee can begin working immediately.


Where You Franchise

FireMaster offers services in 9 states; from the Southeast clear across the nation to the Northwest. The FireMaster franchisees work within specific and certain geographic location defined by zip codes. The area of your territory will be defined by FireMaster. 


What To Expect As a Franchise Owner 

When FireMaster technicians become owners, they purchase the ability, or rights, to perform an array of fire protection services from the various categories for any FireMaster customers in their territory. A franchise is approved for one or more of the following categories: portable extinguishers, exit and emergency lights service, kitchen exhaust cleaning, kitchen system service, extinguisher training, industrial systems service, and vehicle system services.

As a franchise owner, you are considered self-employed, and you will be free to work as many hours you like to reach your financial goal. The FireMaster company will provide you with administrative work done in the office, clerical work, and bookkeeping/ accounting support. FireMaster does this so you can focus on providing high quality, professional services to existing customers, while soliciting new business in the territory you are in.

There are governing bodies that are authority having jurisdictions or AHJ, on federal, state and local levels that you must follow at a technician and a franchisee. You will be required to obtain the proper certifications and licenses that are required by state and local officials. Some of these agencies are National Fire Protection Association (“NFPA”), International Fire Code, but there may be additional industry codes that could apply and if there are they need to be followed. It is mandatory to follow FireMaster guidelines and procedures.

You will typically manage your own workload and schedule, but if you find that your business is growing and you need more assistance to complete the jobs for your customers, you have the opportunity to hire employees to help you provide services and penetrate the market of your authorized territory. 

You will submit your work weekly to the local FireMaster office and they will handle the invoice. In your franchise agreement the percentage you will be paid for the services you provide will be identified and once you submit your invoice you will receive that amount. The percentage you receive will be determined by the category of services you provide.


The Franchise Opportunity with FireMaster 

The opportunity with FireMaster is significant and virtually limitless when it comes to the markets where the model has validation and relevance.  Really, any business that has a fixed location is required by law to have sprinkler systems and fire extinguisher systems which then need to be serviced.  The nature of the FireMaster business model is that by providing professional and consistent service in a market where the customer is required to have their equipment serviced and the typical service provider just isn’t accountable, FireMaster really has excelled.  Franchisees benefit from marketing and sales driven through the corporate team and referral business that happens by being part of a national organization.  Franchisees benefit from no-money down for qualified franchisees to make the initial investment to open a location and have defined territories to provide services. 


For more information on the FireMaster franchise offering, visit the franchise page:

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