Announcing the Launch of the Charity Golf America franchise event.

Announcing the Launch of the Charity Golf America franchise event.

For Immediate Release: August 10, 2017.


Charity Golf America is proud to announce the launch of its first franchise location to join the system. The organization, formerly known as Events 2 America, brings golfers together to play for money as well as charity.   

More on Charity Golf America Franchise

Mr. Cal Rogers originally started Charity Golf America in 2012 after a long successful career as a golf professional.  The primary goal of the organization was to partner with pro golfers, charity golf tournaments, and golf courses for charity and a good time. In the setup, golfers pay $10 each to play in a charity tournament that could see them win $5,000 for themselves and an equal amount for the hosting charity.

The idea is for the participating golfers to make the preselected hole-in-one or other challenge that has been presented during the competition. Whether or not this happens, the charity still wins and everyone has a good time competing. Apart from the prize money, participants get the chance to win golf balls, gift cards, and a $1,000 Foot Joy Certificate. Each tournament brings together some of the biggest golf charities in the country, as well as golf enthusiasts, and so it presents an opportunity for creating new connections.

By working with Charity Golf America, golf charities will not have to pay for insurance for their events. The costs are recovered after the event has taken place, just before the returns are shared out. The initial plan is to add value to the events and increase revenue.

The Revenue Structure for a Franchisee

In collaborating with other charities, Charity Golf America helps organize tournaments that attract the crème in the golfing world. Each entrant pays $10 to participate in any of the activities, including a 1-2-3 Driving Challenge. When the money is in, the charity will take 30% while 20% goes to cover the hole-in-one. The remainder of the money is gross profit for the franchise owner who organized and staffed the event.   

Why Choose The Charity Golf America Franchise?

  • If you are passionate about golfing and charity, then you will like this franchise. The organization, Charity Golf America, has gained years of experience in the field as well as important connections. Your organization has these to gain.
  • Training for you and the staff on all matters pertaining the running of the franchise. The organization also makes a follow-up to keep you up to date with any change in policy. It offers continued support for as long as you stay under the umbrella.
  • Charity Golf America has 25 years of planning golf charities as well as playing golf. The last five years have seen the organization raise over $225,000 in over 1,000 events. Taking up this offer will expose your team to these perks right away.
  • Access to all the marketing material your organization will need, as well as help launch your product.
  • Excellent call center services and existing customer and supplier lists because starting afresh is quite gruesome.

About Britt Steed (Franchisee)

The first franchisee with Charity Golf America is Britt Steed, who has been in sales and marketing for 20 years. He is a golf enthusiast who took up the franchise to make money from his passion. After getting into the program on Aug 1, he is hosting his first event on Aug 12th and expects to host as many as 40 in the fall.

Address: Graham, North Carolina

Phone: (910) 233-5313



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