Franchising Opportunity for Conair Group

Franchising Opportunity for Conair Group


Franchising Opportunity for Conair Group

The Conair Group is looking for franchising partners as part of its expansion efforts to build, leverage and capitalize on an enormous market need in the HVAC services market segment.

Headquartered in Garden City Park, NY, the company has been serving Suffolk and Nassau counties, as well as the five boroughs, for over 55 years now. It specializes in basic maintenance, repairs, and intricate installations for multi-story complexes.

True to its operational principles, the franchising process is very simple. For as little as $83,250 in investment, which already includes the basic capital and the franchise fee, the partner will get access to a business structure and model honed by years of success in the industry.

Expect the cost to go up, depending on the location, office design and rent, furniture, fixtures, and equipment, and licenses and permits.

The best thing about this partnership is that franchisees don’t have to reinvent the wheel because all the details that come with the operation are already outlined.

Screening and Training

The Conair Group, however, insists on screening applicants to protect its brand and maintain consistently high-quality services in each of the Conair franchise locations. Only those who truly believe its vision and mission will be selected. Also, they should possess the work ethic necessary to be successful.

The franchise partners will learn every facet of the business. Aside from the initial training, they will also get further instructions and teaching twice a year, or as often as necessary, until the parent company is confident enough to let them run the business on their own.

Among the things they will learn are:

–          Proper accounting

–          Inventory of equipment

–          Evaluating personnel

–          Marketing and promotion

Target Franchise Candidates for Conair

The company continues to invest in research and development to guarantee that it’s always ahead of its competition. Franchisees, meanwhile, will have access to any new product or service offering to make sure they offer only the best service to their customers.

Among the qualifications The Conair Group is looking for its franchise partners are:

–          Companies or entrepreneurs who are already entrenched in the HVAC industry

–          They should have a modicum of success (ideally, those earning between $500,000 and $2 million every year)

–          They should possess an excellent reputation in the field

–          They should have a reputation for integrity and honesty

–          They should possess a commitment to provide customer satisfaction

–          They should be comfortable with marketing and sales

–          They must buy into the business model that Conair provides

Nevertheless, the company will train both management and personnel to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Basically, the Conair Group is looking for businesses that want to take their operations to the next level. If you are interested in franchise partnership, you may visit The Conair Group at 246 Broadway Garden City Park NY 11040 or call the number 5162948860. You may also email [email protected].

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