GrassRoots Franchise: Maximize Your Exclusive Territory for Faster Business Growth

GrassRoots Franchise: Maximize Your Exclusive Territory for Faster Business Growth


GrassRoots Franchise: Maximize Your Exclusive Territory for Faster Business Growth

Starting a new business is an exciting venture for any investor. Creating a business starts with managing resources and finances and doing intensive market research. If you are a new player in business and you want to get an edge over the others. You want a dependable team that can support you while you are still learning the ropes on the business. 

The Prospects of Joining the Lawn Care Industry

The business of landscaping and lawn care are growing as a lot of property owners see the need to add value in their establishments and homes that are aesthetically pleasing. The demand for a lawn care service provider is a lucrative business.

The entry of a commercial landscaping company to the New York’s Stock Exchange is a proof that landscaping services will be staying as a vibrant industry, with $88 billion in revenue shares in the market and an annual growth of 4.7 percent.

The Edge of GrassRoots Franchise’s Exclusive Territory

If you intend to take your income-generating activities to new heights, buying a franchise from GrassRoots might be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

GrassRoots Franchise offers franchisees with exclusive franchise territory that is key for the business to grow. An exclusive territory is one of the key benefits of a GrassRoots franchise. 

An established territory is vital for the growth of any business. With an ever increasing number of competitors delivering the same service as you do, a fixed and exclusive territory will make a big impact on the success of your business.

We at GrassRoots offer interested business people with territories based on a population in a specific market. The population is ideally 100,000-250,000 in the MSA. There are also other factors in determining the territories including buyer capabilities, level of competition and number of households in an area.

Franchisees can get protection over the accounts in that specific market area that will be closed to other franchisees. This will give you a business advantage that is not offered by other brands.

GrassRoots Franchise only requires a minimal start-up cost. It also provides training programs that focus on marketing, sales, operations, management, leadership and industry-specific knowledge. The training includes:

  • Initial training that runs for approximately six weeks
  • On-site training held at least two days at the location of the franchise to assist you with the start of the operations
  • Refresher training which you should join twice a year.

Unlike other franchise, GrassRoots is ready to be a partner to anyone who wants to succeed in the business of landscaping and lawn care. The in-depth training will equip franchisees on how to utilize the state-of-the-art tanker truck.

GrassRoots will provide all the business tools you need to get your business going – from taking a call to measuring properties and tracking employee time cards. GrassRoots also has its built-in sales funnel and automatic payment processing that allows a business to focus on customer service that is the most vital to any industry.

For more information on the franchising opportunity or for the interested parties, they may contact GrassRoots Tree & Turf Care, 100 Holt Drive, Acworth, GA 30101 or call 770-917-8200.


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