Alan George: Franchise Marketing Systems

Alan George:  Franchise Marketing Systems


Alan George:  Franchise Marketing Systems

A franchise system or franchising as a business model is a marketing and expansion concept which can be used by a business to duplicate a successful business model. Basically, when you “franchise” your business, it gives others the opportunity to buy into a business and open up their own location using your brand and business model without diluting equity in the business. The “franchisee” pays certain fees to the owners of the actual business for these rights and is held to a strict operating standard. This does not give them rights to control or dictate how the brand or business is managed strategically, only at the operational level.  This is how businesses and different companies expand and grow and why you see so many brands in different industries who have utilized franchising to expand into new markets and create economies of scale. Franchising is considered one of the most prolific and effective expansion models in the global economy and has been for the last 70+ years.  On both the franchise buyer and franchise development side of the business, there are few people who have the depth and experience in franchise development needed to support and guide brands through the franchise process.  Alan George has been helping people franchise their businesses and companies for almost 20 years and is considered an expert in this field.

Meet Alan George, Vice President, Franchise Marketing Systems

Mr. George has experience in several different aspects of franchising and has worked across a variety of responsibilities within the franchise consulting process. He is a strategic planner who has extensive knowledge in the strategic process and knowledge which is the underpinning of an effective franchise development model.  His original work in the franchise development field started with territory planning work.  His expertise was focused around helping organizations understand and define territory analytics.  Essentially this is the study of how to define territories and how far apart or how close a location could be within a given franchise network.  At Franchise Marketing Systems, he also distributes Franchise Sales training and their sales and marketing plans helping clients define how best to promote their franchise and how to implement franchise sales campaigns.. While working with Franchise Marketing Systems since 2010, he has grown a business of three to a business of twenty-six team members, helped support over 200 new franchise brands come to market and an organization that has helped sell over 4,000 franchises in that time. FMS was listed as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Atlanta due in part to Mr. George’s work with the firm.

Relationship Focused Professional

Mr. George is always willing to learn something new and keeps an open mind in how he approaches every part of his work in franchising. He loves the business and has an intense passion for working with and supporting entrepreneurs.  With his business mindset and hard work ethic, he has made himself an expert in franchising, marketing, training, and sales. Mr. George has the capability to understand intricate ideas and explain them in a way that is easy to understand which helps his clients, team, and coworkers with being more effective in creating successful franchise systems.

Experience in the Franchise Market

At GeoVue, Mr. George held an executive position working in sales and management supporting brands in developing effective territory planning and franchise development campaigns. GeoVue is a company that provides prognostic data for franchise sales predicting, location selection, and market preparation for businesses, restaurants, etc. Tactician Corporation, which is also a franchising company, Mr. George was the director of sales and business development for Tactician as well which worked in territory planning and location analysis. Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Jimmy Johns, Visiting Angels, and several others have gotten to work with Alan George. He has done all-inclusive area plans and crucial planning initiatives for each of these while working with the leadership of a variety of large franchise brands.  While working at these two companies, he has worked with the different teams for franchise development to build mechanisms and different approaches that helped sell lots more franchises. Doing so helped customers build a stronger bond and build more growth for the franchisor and franchisee. This helped grow his experience in demographic data, understanding market capability, client profiling, and sales domain design.


To contact Alan George, email him here:  [email protected]


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