Everything Christmas Stores Franchise Expansion

Everything Christmas Stores Franchise Expansion

Everything Christmas Franchise

The Everything Christmas Store concept first “popped up” over ten years ago in Long Island, New York.  The concept seemed a bit outlandish, even more so when considering the innovator was a convenient store operator who just happened to think of the idea one season.  After a couple of years and a couple of locations, the idea made more and more sense and the business model produced more and more return.  There were already Halloween stores and other seasonal stores out there, why not Christmas.  Everyone spends lots on Christmas to make the holiday as perfect as possible, whether it’s lights, ornaments, gifts or nick-knacks that are needed to make the house look and feel more like Christmas.  Like traditional retail, spending is always higher around the holidays and the model leverages these factors to turn in 2 months of revenue with low operating overhead by providing a convenient, cost effective and professional seasonal retail business for consumers.  As the business grew, so did the hours, commitment and inability to oversee all of the operations up and down Long Island so in 2014, Everything Christmas launched the seasonal Christmas franchise model. 


In 2015, several franchisees opened their seasonal Christmas store franchises in New York, California and New Jersey and the model was off and running.  What makes the Everything Christmas model so effective?


1.       It’s simple.  A structured, convenient and efficient array of products and goods to be sold at the store make it a simple and easy retail business to operate.

2.       The length of the season makes this a very focused and very targeted business with strong revenues and growth opportunities in a short, defined time period….then you’re done!

3.       The business model works with landlords in a temporary lease scenario allowing for the locations to open in prime retail spaces at much lower costs and with less overhead. 

4.       The concept thrives by targeting the highest volume retail segment of the year and being designed to specifically address the demand of Christmas. 

5.       Simple operation means simple staffing needs and a short time period during a festive time of year makes the staffing simple and manageable unlike most retail businesses. 


Everything Christmas is coming up on the season and is starting to find locations in key markets.  Great mall locations have been established outside of Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Orlando, Atlanta and other key markets where good operators could step right in and open a business.  With the business model structured the way it is, this seasonal Christmas Franchise allows for a low star up investment of under $30k in most cases.  This is a fantastic lifestyle business that can allow for the freedom to work in short condensed time periods and be part of the Christmas festivities while operating a great business model.      


For more information on the Everything Christmas franchise model, visit the corporate site:


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