Classic Commercial Services Franchise Expansion

Classic Commercial Services Franchise Expansion

For most people who are tired of your corporate job and are rearing to go into unchartered entrepreneurial waters, it’s hard to determine where your income potential is greater, stay with your job or go start a business? Why not consider franchising a well-established profitable brand? Franchising is one of the fastest ways you can enter the challenging world of business and achieve profitability at the same time. You don’t need to do the work of establishing your business from the ground up since you will be buying into an already successful franchise. One such franchise you need to consider is Classic Commercial Services, which caters to the needs of commercial enterprises.

Hard work with a Plan of Attack

One of the best things in securing a franchise from this company is that you don’t need to do any hard work, and yet you can look forward to a continuous income that the company now enjoys.

Classic Commercial Services was established more than 43 years ago by Linda and Randy Longenbach. These two did all the grass root works—from keeping the quality of the brand to marketing. Now, they are willing to share their successful commercial carpet cleaning business with you. The company just started franchising their business about four years ago and this is the most opportune time to join their bandwagon while the ‘field’ is still being cultivated.

Commercial Cleaning Services is an expansive field for growth

Think about it, every business, every facility, every potential customer you pass by every day in most markets. Your product, if you are given a franchise, will not be limited to households, but all kinds of businesses. That means your income potential will only be stymied by the efforts that you put into it and the motivation you have to build your own commercial cleaning franchise.   

Unlike other services that cater only to a small market niche, the carpet cleaning business of Classic Commercial Services caters to all types of businesses and enterprises that need carpets in their offices, schools, and private and government institutions.

The cliché “only you will determine your level of success” is very true in this kind of service. So, if you want to reach the top, you already have the right ladder to use.

All Manner of Business Support for Your Success

Here are several reasons why you really must not pass up the chance of securing a franchise from Classic Commercial Services:

1.      Marketing Support

Even if you don’t have any marketing, advertising and selling background, you will still be able to sell carpet cleaning services like a pro. Why? Classic Commercial Services will allow you to use their proven marketing strategies that earned their franchisees greater income.

As mentioned earlier, the owners of the company have done all the necessary work to ensure the success of their business. This includes trying, testing, and proving the marketing strategies that the company is now using to sell their services.

2.      Customer Service Support

You don’t even have to contend with the complaints of your customers (if there would be any) because Classic has an ever-ready customer support service 24/7 that can handle customer complaints swiftly and satisfactorily.

These are not the only two types of support you will get when you have secured a franchise with Classic Commercial Services. But these two are emphasized here because they are the vital factors that will propel your carpet cleaning franchise to the top. 

For more information on the Classic Commercial Services franchise, we suggest you visit their corporate site:


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