Dynamic Dental Franchise: Review

Dynamic Dental Franchise: Review

Dynamic Dental Franchise: Review

Dynamic Dental is a corporation that has been providing handpiece repair services for more than two decades. The company started out by providing mail-in services for professionals before they began providing a full-range of services for those in the dental practice.

Currently, Dynamic Dental provides onsite repair services for its clients. Clients can call DDC and a technician will be sent to the dentist’s office to repair the equipment as the dentist waits. The company’s focus on innovating its services has seen it establish itself as one of the top providers of dental handpiece repair. The company now generates $3 million in annual revenues. DDC is looking for partners to work on expanding the franchise to new territories.

The Franchise Fee and Startup Costs

The Dynamic Dental franchise fee and startup costs are fairly low compared to other similar franchises available in the market today. You can get the franchise license to start your own repair service for $40,000. The startup cost can be as low as $70,000 or even lower depending on whether you are an existing business looking to continue the franchise or a new business that is starting from scratch. The startup costs cover expenses such as license, furniture, fixtures, equipment, vehicle branding, computer systems, etc.

Support and Training

The franchisor will provide training once your application is accepted. The training includes business operations from professionals who have worked for years to make Dynamic Dental one of the leaders in dental handpiece repair services. You will also get direct marketing support on how to market your business in your territory based on strategies that have worked for the franchisor. You’ll receive purchasing and accounting support, as well as any new information on the market coming from the market and research development department.

Before you begin your franchise business, you will undergo two weeks training – which can include one other member of your team. The training will take place at the company’s headquarters in Coral Springs Florida. A week before you start your handpiece repair business, you’ll get onsite support from a professional sent by Dynamic Dental.

After the initial training, you will also get ongoing support to ensure your business is running smoothly. A member of staff will be sent to your location to provide guidance on customer service and other aspects of the business at least once a year. This is in addition to refresher training courses that will be provided once a year.

Territories and Qualification

Unlike other franchisors in the dental handpiece repair market, Dynamic Dental offers exclusive market territories for its clients. Being a relatively new franchise offering, there are many open opportunities for franchisees. Territories offered by Dynamic Dental franchise are based on the size of the market and number of dentists in a given area, amongst other factors.

Dynamic Dental is a reputable brand that has been successful in providing handpiece repair services. The main advantage of the franchise is low startup costs, exclusive marketing territory, and good business potential. If you’re looking for a handpiece repair service Dynamic Dental is one franchise you should consider.


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