Franchise Marketing Systems – Tradeshow Schedule

Franchise Marketing Systems – Tradeshow Schedule

Franchise Marketing Systems – Tradeshow Schedule

Franchise Marketing Systems is a company that was founded ten years ago, to provide consultancy, marketing, and sales services to both new and existing entrepreneurs in the franchise business. The firm assists new franchises in coming up with a new model that fits the franchise platform, that can be replicated in multiple territories and allows for scale.

Franchise Consulting and Support

Franchise Marketing Systems provides support to new businesses in a number of ways:

  • Building a Franchise and Licensing Model: A new franchise needs a licensing model that will work for franchisees and investors alike. Franchise Marketing Systems has had experience dealing with over 200 businesses including household names such as UPS, Ford, Costco, amongst others.
  • Marketing and Sales Support: The company helps franchisors connect with franchisees and investors. They provide consultancy services on marketing and support as well as help new businesses connect with potential buyers.
  • Financial Model: Franchise Marketing Systems supports franchisors by assisting entrepreneurs in developing a financial model. A good financial model can improve the chances of your business catching the eye of the investor or franchisee.


Trade Shows and Franchise Discovery

Trade shows are one way that new and existing entrepreneurs can come together and network. Statistics show that the majority of people attending these trade shows are either owners or managers of the business they are representing. It gives franchisors and franchisees the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Franchise Marketing Systems often takes part in trade shows and exhibitions. Their primary role is to help entrepreneurs find investors and buyers. The company uses these trade shows as a platform to bring in franchisors and to help entrepreneurs looking to find the best franchise for their business niche.

In 2018 Franchise Marketing Systems will be exhibiting at the following tradeshows:


Franchise Expo: These exhibitions showcase some of the best franchises in various industries. Attend the tradeshows and get to meet with business owners face to face. You can also attend free seminars where you’ll get free legal and business advice on how to choose and start your business. Franchise Expo will have exhibitions in Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Boston, amongst other cities.


January 2018:

Franchise Expo: Toronto Canada                               Jan 13 – 14


February 2018:

Franchise Expo: New York/Jersey                               Feb 17 – 18

March 2018:

Franchise Expo: Boston, MA                                       Mar 10 – 11

Franchise Expo: Chicago, IL                                         Mar 24 – 25


April 2018:
Franchise Expo: Virginia/Wash D.C.                           Apr 14 – 15

Franchise Expo: Jacksonville, FL                                  Apr 28 – 29

May 2018:

Franchise Expo: Fort Lauderdale                                May 05 – 06

Franchise Expo: Houston, TX                                      May 19 – 20


Pizza Trade Show: This is a trade show that has been going on for 34 years. It seeks to bring together businesses, investors and other players in the pizzeria business. There will be exhibitions from distributors of POS system, suppliers of pizza ingredients, as well as marketers and dealers in promotional material.  So far the exhibition has had 11 consecutive sold out show floors. New, existing, independent, and chain pizzerias will be holding exhibitions and providing information related to their business to attendees.

Chris Conner is the president of Franchise Marketing System and has worked with hundreds of franchisors in the last ten years. He continues to tap into his experience to help new businesses develop a franchise model that is viable and attractive to investors. He will be holding workshops in these trade shows providing information on how to start your own business and how to pick the right franchise opportunity.


Pizza Expo: Las Vegas, NV                                         Mar 20 – 22


For more information on these events or how to attend, contact Franchise Marketing Systems:


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