Charity Golf America: Opportunity Through a Streamlined Golf Franchise Business Model

Charity Golf America: Opportunity Through a Streamlined Golf Franchise Business Model

Charity Golf America: Opportunity Through a Streamlined Golf Franchise Business Model

Why not start a business that you can actually enjoy and really have fun while you work and build something you own?  Charity Golf America is a business that offers this opportunity with a simple, home-based system which has been proven to produce consistent financial results and allow for a fun, lifestyle oriented business. In 2011, Carl Rogers founded Charity Gold America as an opportunity to be involved with charitable events up close and personally, with a sustainable and scalable business model approach. Since then, our business model has grown and extended to reach through-out the United States, partnering with thousands of charity golf tournaments featured at hundreds of beautiful golf courses.

CGA Provides a Wealth of Opportunity for Golf Franchise Investors

In the world of franchise businesses, money talks and numbers run the game. At CGA, you’ll find that your investment runs low, you won’t be subjected to fixed costs, and beyond events, you won’t experience incremental costs. Initial business is provided at start up along with full disclosure and training. If you’re interested in charitable giving and providing your community with events that serve others, you won’t find a better business model that allows you to be profitable while giving back to your community on a seasonal work schedule.

Ongoing Training and Support to Start Your Golf Franchise business

As a franchisee in the Charity Golf America family, you’ll be entitled to the ongoing support and partnership that we value and have come to pride ourselves on. As we continually stay relevant with our own research and development we strive to provide only the best in the following support areas:

          Accounting Support

          Marketing Support

          Operational Support

          Audit Support

          Legal Support

Because we take pride in the brand and reputation we’ve built for ourselves we’re always proud to stand by your side and offer support to keep your business going strong. As partners and consultants, we offer the support you need, when you need it, as you need it. There’s never a situation where we don’t do our best to make sure you’re doing your best!

Who We’re Looking For in Golf Franchise Owners

We chose this business model because we love people – community members and team members alike – we enjoy working with and fostering relationships and connections with those around us. Whether we can help them, they can help us, or we can together help those in our community, we’re always looking for those individuals who have it in them to take what we do and strive to be better.

For those with ambition, dedication, and a strong suit in sales and fostering relationships, we’re looking for you. If you’ve already made a name for yourself within your community and enjoy networking, you’ve already got an edge over the competition, we’d love to get to know more about you and discuss how we can partner together to flourish within your community and ours.

Let’s Get You Started on Building a Golf Franchise Business

With an initial average investment of just $25,300, you could invest into your future with an unlimited earning potential. Working as much or as little as you like on beautiful golf courses around the country, what are you waiting for?


For more information on the Charity Golf America franchise system, visit the franchise site:

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