Stacked Pickle: Celebrity Backed Franchise with a Solid Business Model

Stacked Pickle: Celebrity Backed Franchise with a Solid Business Model

Stacked Pickle: Celebrity Backed Franchise with a Solid Business Model

Stacked pickle is a sport-styled neighborhood restaurant that has become famous for its wings, tenderloins, fish Tacos and beverages. You can watch your favorite team on the big screen TVs as you enjoy delicious treats from their affordable menu.

The company was started by Gary Bracket, a former NFL linebacker and Super Bowl Champion. Gary is known for his hard work and focus. He once worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant in New Jersey. He assembled a team of experienced operators and spent years building his business to achieve his dream of starting an upscale and comfortable eatery in Indianapolis. The franchise is now looking for potential franchisees to expand to new locations and expand their business.


Start your Own Business with Support, Training and Exceptional Opportunity

Stack Pickle presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own business that has great potential for expansion.  The business has been a success and this has been mainly due to factors such as excellent location, delicious menu, and competitive pricing.

As a franchisee you’ll get a working prototype of this profitable business bringing you closer to fulfilling your dream of starting your own eatery in your local area. Franchisees can tap into Stacked Pickle existing customer relationships that have sustained their success to run their own eateries.

The brand has been receiving a lot of media coverage thanks to the backing of a respected celebrity. The brand has had nine successful locations in Indianapolis and seeks to expand to new territories. One of the benefits that Stacked Pickle has for franchisors includes exclusive territories. This presents a winning formula for entrepreneurs looking to get into this line of business.


Training Processes, Operating Manuals and Business Structure

To ensure the success of the franchisee, Stacked Pickle will be providing training and materials to pass the model for success down to the entrepreneur. Stacked Pickle Training manual includes the core content needed to effectively replicate the sports restaurant franchise.  As you start your business you’ll get training on operations and procedures that are essential in the smooth running of the business. They’ll provide marketing and sales material as well as technical support from the franchisor in case you encounter a glitch when running the systems provided by the franchisor.  Stacked Pickle is becoming a popular sports bar and restaurant model in the Indiana markets and is now looking to expand the franchise into new markets and regions throughout the Midwest. They are looking for franchisees to help them expand to new territories. You are required to have some management experience, good time management and sales skills, high personal standards, and a willingness to commit to Stack Pickle’s philosophy of quality service delivery.

Site Selection Information: The location of your eatery is important for your success. Stacked Pickle has been successful in operating multiple restaurants in Indianapolis. Information on the criteria, and the role the franchisor will play in site selection are some of the valuable information franchisees will receive through manuals and training that will be provided by the company.

Marketing, Promotions and Loyalty Programs that Drive Customer Traffic 

You’ll be guided about how to run marketing and promotions. You’ll receive specific guidelines regarding how to run your campaign. You’ll also receive support from your franchisor for any publicity campaign you may have in the future.

Operations and Procedures:

For more information on the Stacked Pickle franchise model, visit the franchise site:


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