Bolt Escape Room Franchise: Innovative, Fun, Unique

Bolt Escape Room Franchise: Innovative, Fun, Unique

Bolt Escape Room Franchise

It’s official, the Bolt Franchise has hit the market and has set out to change the landscape for the escape room business forever.  Bolt NWA experience is a fun, unique, and an innovative escape room puzzle game that makes the escape room experience amazing for any visitor. The escape room can accommodate eight people at a time and has been structured for a consistent, professional and exciting experience for every customer. The bolters get a chance to bring their heads together to solve challenging puzzles and find their way out within sixty minutes.


The NWA experience is currently Northwest Arkansas’ number one escape room brand and is considering new locations across the United States.  It started as a startup and six months down the line, it is now a franchise with lots of opportunities for would-be partners. It has been recommended by Wal-Mart and has also featured in numerous news articles. Players from different parts of the country are coming down just to take on the Escape Room experience.


Innovative Approach to the Escape Room Franchise Model

The BoltNWA experience currently has three rooms offering different types of clues. The clues are both physical and mental; offering a mix of clues that makes the whole experience both fun and challenging. You can get into the room with one or seven other bolters. Bolters are briefed on the importance of teamwork when solving clues. They are required to work together on puzzles and clues that are hidden everywhere in every nook and cranny in the room.

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Fun and Exciting….What Escape Rooms were Meant to Be!

The game is ideal for people looking for something exciting to do during birthday parties or any other fun event. Children are allowed into the escape room if their parents accompany them. Bolt NWa recommends kids over the age of 10, but kids below that age can also join in the fun.

The game is also ideal for team building sessions. Solving the numerous clues is best done by a group of bolters.  BoltNWA encourages team work from the onset. This is the perfect team building session where everyone works together to determine the order, apply the logic, and breakout of the room.  Once the mission is completed bolters get a chance to have their picture displayed proudly on the wall of honor. They also get a chance to purchase the experience t-shirt.


An Escape Room Franchise that is Unique

There are several rooms that contain different clues based on varying themes. In one room you can get into a paranoid ex-military hillbilly’s bunker, you can also work towards breaking into a vault that belongs to Bolt Bank and Trust, or you could opt to try and find clues through the whimsical world of a six year old in Alice in Wonderland.

All rooms are filled with puzzles related to the theme of that particular challenge. Some puzzles are hidden in places that bolters would not ordinarily expect. Solving the puzzles is not only a logical process but also involves a lot of thinking out of the box. The result is an exhilarating and fun filled experience as a group of friends or workmates work towards breaking out of the room.


The Bolt Escape Room Franchise Opportunity

The Bolt Escape Room Franchise has generated a lot of excitement thanks to the success of the NWA experience in Northwest Arkansas. Do you think that it’s time to bring the experience to your local area? The Bolt Escape Room Franchise now gives you the marketing, business systems, operational structure and training needed to replicate this effective franchise model in virtually any market segment. 


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