Piadina Cafe’s New Franchise Opportunity Launches in the United States

Piadina Cafe’s New Franchise Opportunity Launches in the United States

Piadina Cafe’s New Franchise Opportunity Launches in the United States


Piadina Cafe is an Italian brand that located in Massachusetts, which uses authentic Italian flat breads and recipes that are traditional, and made fresh. If you stop by Piadina Cafe in the morning, you’ll find a variety of breakfast foods, different coffees, and an array of pastries that are all made fresh and from scratch. Other than breakfast foods, Piadina Cafe is mostly known for their freshly made Piadina sandwiches. These are a delicious flat bread that is thin and flaky, and is made with a variety of ingredients to create different flavors in the bread, such as rosemary or coconut oil. Piadina is then served with several kinds of filling such as meat, cheese, or vegetables.


What Choosing Piadina Means

If you are looking for franchise opportunities, the Piadina Café brand is an excellent place to start. As an Italian Brand, they recently started bringing their business to the United States, and not only that, but with their unique style, they don’t have much competition because there aren’t many places that are making Piadina flat breads from scratch like Piadina’s Cafe. What choosing Piadina means is that you are investing in a growing company that is going to give you a deeper understanding of what it means to be a franchisee and what it’s like to grow and learn with a company.  Piadina’s entrance to the United States was driven by copious amounts of interest and demand for high-end Italian fast casual food service concepts. 



For initial training, each franchisee will be visiting the Piadina Cafe at the headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. There is a lot of info that will be covered and it will be a great learning opportunity to gain a good understanding of how to run the business. During the phases of the training program for the Piadina Cafe, you will learn the ins and outs of everything from ordering to serving, and hiring to firing, which is going to help you grow as an individual and learn how to work with others.



When you join as a franchisee with the Piadina team, you are going to receive help and support in several different ways that are going to help you on your journey with Piadina. For example, you will be getting training and operational support, as mentioned before, but there are also other ways that Piadina will help you, such as with purchasing support, marketing and customer development, product development, and site development. So, if you are ever unsure of what to do or feel like you need a little help, Piadina will be there to support you.


Pick Your Territory 

When joining the Piadina team, you are going to be given the choice as to how you would like to start the business and how you pick your territory. For starting the business, you are given the choice of a brand-new start up business, or you can also convert your current commercial facility so it will fit underneath Piadina. Along with that, you are also given the opportunity to start the business in a territory that has a population of 100,000 people.


For more information on the Piadina Café Franchise, Visit their franchise listing:


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