Why Smart Meals is the Meal Prep Franchise for You

Why Smart Meals is the Meal Prep Franchise for You

Whole30, Keto, Raw Food Diet — each one of these popular food trends has brought the art of meal prep to light, making meal prep franchises like Smart Meals part of a quickly growing industry. It’s important to note that meal prep services aren’t just for those looking for weight loss. The meal prep industry has grown in conjunction with the quick bite culture of today, underscored by the technology to support it. According to Statistica, the meal prep industry is expected to grow to $11.6 billion by next year[1]. If you are seeking an affordable meal prep franchise to grow along with this billion-dollar industry, Smart Meals may be the smart choice.

The History of Smart Meals

Smart Meals is the product of personal passion and a love for being fit rolled into a streamlined, well-built business. First launched in 1994, Houston-based fitness enthusiast Sharon Reitman sought to change the way that people thought about losing weight and eating right with her Smart Meals concept. After surviving cancer, Sharon was driven to live a healthy lifestyle without missing the great flavors that food has to offer. Every meal is 20% fat or less at Smart Meals. Since its launch, the brand has turned into an ever-growing meal prep and grab-and-go boutique store offering home delivery and a convenient online ordering system.

 Culture is Calling

Meal prep, meal kits, dinner delivery, grocery delivery  — the masses have spoken and they want their food to be more convenient. Smart Meals has taken culture’s call and carefully carved out recipes that work for every budget, every lifestyle, and every palate. Working together with nutritionists, fitness enthusiasts, and personal trainers, Smart Meals has developed a list of food choices that truly meets the convenience factor that people need with the taste and fat content that people want to lose weight without feeling like they are suffering. The company’s website is easy to navigate, displaying high quality food photos that make the mouth water! This need for convenience foods is bolstered by several easy access pick up locations. Franchisees can utilize the traffic from these businesses, pulling in new customers without the added advertising expense.

 The Franchise Nitty Gritty

When seeking out a franchise investment to sink your teeth into, a meal prep franchise like Smart Meals makes sense. The company is based on expert leadership, offers ongoing support for its franchisees, and gives its franchise partners the keys to success. This is an easy franchise to get into, without tons of upfront cost. The initial investment range is around $103K to $325K, which does include the $30K franchise fee, plus $15k to $30K is working capital for the first 3 months of operation. Further still, as the franchise grows, so does the brand recognition. Smart Meals gives its franchisees an exclusive territory with a population of around 100,000. Prime territories are still available as Smart Meals builds momentum during 2021.

Smart Meals, like many other meal prep franchise options out there, is successful due to the culture’s demand of healthy foods created and delivered in a convenient format. However, Smart Meals takes the concept a step further by building upon the immovable foundation of founder Sharon Reitman and enriching the customer’s experience through on-point customer service, relationship development, and delivery services. Are you ready to step into an affordable meal prep franchise built for profitability and easy operation? Smart Meals is now seeking franchisees to join their network! For more information visit www.smartmealsfranchise.com.

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