Understanding the Burger Industry Today.

Understanding the Burger Industry Today.

The Burger Industry Today.

When it comes to burgers, there are many, many ways to eat them and unlimited options for how you prefer your burger. You’ll find there are burger connoisseurs all over the world and each one considers their burger to the only way to eat this famous iconic meal. With the growing number of burger lovers around the world, it’s easy to understand why more of the burger brands have decided to franchise their models than ever before.


In the Beginning, it started with the Mongols.

Burgers, or ground beef, started back in the 1200’s when soldiers from the Mongol army would place slabs of various meats under their saddles as they rode and traveled. This would make the meat tender and the soldiers would eat it raw. This lead to the modern ground beef you see today and thus, the hamburger was the next logical step in this evolution.  The original hamburger itself is a highly debated topic. Some say it came from across the world while others tout that the Hamburg, New York hot dog vendor created it. Still, others have tales of a meatball creator named Charlie flattening out two meatballs between buns and, yet others still believe a different story. No matter what belief you have, one thing remains the same, burgers eventually became part of our everyday life and now more than ever burgers are intertwined with just about everything we do. 


What is the Most Important Part of the Burger?

Studies in 2009 showed that the quality of the meat used for the burger was at the top of 75% of the burger lovers list for what made a fantastic burger. Right after the quality of meat were the toppings and the additional add-ons that make a unique, fun and exceptional burger experience.  Cost of the burger came in at third when choosing someone’s favorite burger options is also considered but it is farther down the list as quality and toppings seem to be the most important characteristics of burgers.   


Franchise Opportunities

The opportunities to become a part of this multi-million-dollar industry abound. There are numerous burger franchises out there including Five Guys Burger and Fries, Burger King, McDonald’s and many others, but what has driven the growth in the burger franchise market is the high-end, specialty burger market segment where product quality and customer experience are put at a premium. Brands that fit in this category would include Burger Fi, Elevation Burger and a new burger franchise called Slater’s 50/50.  These are the brands that have experienced significant growth due to high-end products and incredible menu offerings.  The Slater’s 50/50 brand (https://slaters5050.com )is one that we like a great deal as they have put together one of the more innovative burger franchise offerings by incorporating bacon in the meat mixture along with some extremely creative menu options.  The end result has been remarkably successful restaurants and a brand that is poised for significant growth in the coming years.  No matter what brand you look into, the burger franchise market opportunity is wide open. Burgers are a huge part of everyday life in America and they show no signs of slowing down. While there is some competition with other types of food climbing the popularity ladder, there is still a whopping 51% of people still choose a burger of some sort when they go out to eat.

Regardless whether you are interested in eating or investing in burgers, the market is hot and we don’t see people’s appetite for burgers going away anytime soon. 


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