The Ultimate Escape Game: Exciting New Escape Room Franchise

The Ultimate Escape Game: Exciting New Escape Room Franchise

Exciting New Escape Room Franchise

The Ultimate Escape Game is a new exciting offering that shows promise in the steadily growing escape room game market. The franchise is relatively new. The first location was opened in Atlanta in 2015 and the second in Dallas the following year. During this time the business has continued to grow and the franchisor is looking for partners to start new locations.  The Ultimate Escape Game Franchise model is positioned to be a premium brand in the incredibly high growth escape room industry.  What Ultimate Escape Game realized was that the large majority of the escape room industry was consumed by single unit brands which had been brought to market on a lower budget and looked, felt and acted like a mom and pop experience.  The amazing element was that most of these competitors were still very successful and customers continued to have incredible experiences when visiting.  The conclusion was that there is such a great opportunity in the escape room industry segment and that with a professional, high-end escape room brand there could be an opportunity to capture significant market share in the escape room franchise market segment.     


The Ultimate Escape Game

Escape room games are gaining popularity, especially with millennials. Millennials are spending approximately a trillion dollars on entertainment and are looking for new experiences. Escape games are providing opportunities for friends, family members, and colleagues to have fun together away from the constant disruption of portable devices and social media.  UEG is a different type of game that is designed to be more immersive and complex. Beginners and fans alike will enjoy playing this game whether as a team building exercise or as entertainment between friends and family.  The themes vary from museum heist to WWII code-breaking adventure.


Benefits of the Franchise

-High-Profit Margins: The rooms and puzzles are designed for people of all ages. They are great for workmate team building, parties, and entertainment. The carefully crafted games provide an immersive experience that is guaranteed to bring in multiple revenue streams to the business.

-Training and Support: The UEG model has been crafted and tweaked by professional managers to turn into the success it is today. When you sign up as a partner, you’ll get direct support from the managers that turned two locations into a thriving business. You’ll get access to proprietary software, training manuals, technical training, and overall support when you need it. Franchisees can choose to travel to the franchisors premises in Dallas or Texas for a one-on-one training.

-Constant Innovation: In the escape room business, it is important to keep the experiences fresh and exciting. The Ultimate Escape Game works on continuous innovation of its games. There are multiple themes and adventures. All games are designed to be immersive and involving to keep players engaged.

-Exciting Industry: Escape room games are part of a growing niche. Employers and employees alike are looking more into engaging in live adventure games rather than spend on weekend gateways or seminars. UEG provides exciting options for groups of people looking for alternative but exciting forms of entertainment.

-New Franchise: UEG is a new franchise that was started in 2015. The company has only two locations and is looking to expand. You can take this early opportunity to bring the excitement of the Ultimate Escape Game to your region.

-Franchise Marketing Systems:  Ultimate Escape Game has developed incredible store level marketing and business development systems which can effectively drive traffic and convert customers at the location.  These systems are targeting businesses and group customers which are generally higher revenue opportunities and also can create residual income opportunities with strong customer relationships and incredible customer experiences.



To qualify for the franchise, partners will be required to have an initial investment of $331,500. This is the minimum start-up cost that includes, franchise fee, real estate, licenses and permits, computer systems, working capital, marketing budget, amongst other expenses. It is also desirable for the customer to have excellent people skills and be in a position to engage and attract customers. The Ultimate Escape Game is one of the most exciting new escape room franchises in recent times.


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