The Tuckaway announces the opening of its new franchise in Bedford, Massachusetts

The Tuckaway announces the opening of its new franchise in Bedford, Massachusetts

The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery will be opening soon in Bedford, Massachusetts with the addition of a new franchisee, Mr. Jamison LaGuardia.


The corporate Tuckaway business, which has been in operation in Raymond, NH since 2012, recently began offering the franchise model to the general market in April of 2016 and began interviewing potential franchise candidates. To date, in excess of 1,000 applicants have responded with interest in joining the brand as franchise owners.  This marks the first franchise addition to the company which is a milestone in and of itself, but also a significant opportunity being located in Bedford, NH which is a high profile market for the brand.  The franchise was acquired by Mr. Jamison LaGuardia, a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience in restaurant and food service development and building. He is regarded to be a fantastic asset to the organization for the knowledge he will be able to provide the whole management team.

 The Tuckaway franchise

The Tuckaway is unique in that the restaurant has a butchery section where customers can find high quality meat products and buy the products they just ate in the restaurant section of the business. Customers can shop for fresh, marinated, or house-made meats, sausages, and burger patties and amazingly high quality food products. The meat shop offers more than 20 hand crafted sausages and burger meats, all seasoned with the best choice of ingredients that will keep customers coming back. There is an organic section where patrons can shop for nuts, fruit bars, desserts, and more. They also have a tremendous selection of wine and even a collection under $10. The Tuckaway also offers a locally crafted 22oz beer.  In addition to the meat shop, The Tuckaway features The Tavern, a section where customers can dine. They have signature dishes that have been remarked as one of the best in the Northeast. Signature dishes include Rooster Balls, Over the Top Lobster Balls, as well as Fresh Ground Burgers. The Tavern has highly talented chefs who will surely keep customers coming back for the service along with quality and delectable dishes.  The combination of a high-quality butchery with a high-end, but value oriented restaurant has proven to be enormously effective and put The Tuckaway on a national map.   

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The new franchise in Bedford will mirror the layout, design and service model that has successfully built a strong business in Raymond, NH. The dining area will have hand crafted tables and seats with hardwood flooring. The area will take you back in time with its antique adornments to complement the ambience.  In addition to support the excitement around the new franchise opening, The Tuckaway will be featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Friday, 10/14/2016 at 9pm est.  Tune in to see the business model and the exciting reviews of The Tuckaway brand!


The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery has been a strong frontrunner winning countless awards for their concept of a specialty butcher and meat shop together with an exclusive full service restaurant and bar. Chef Bobby Marcotte, who has been at the helm of creating the signature dishes, continuously creates new cuisine to keep customers coming back for more. His menu is remarkable and has become famous due to the unconventional names and marketing combined with astonishing food served only at The Tuckaway.


The new franchise will be opening in the coming 6-9 months depending on build out and development of the new location. The management is currently working in building and getting the new location ready to serve locals within the Bedford and nearby areas. This will be a great establishment for the area as the organization has been constantly and successfully recognized for their food service concept, The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery will definitely be a welcome addition to the Bedford community.


For more information on The Tuckaway franchise model, visit the franchise site:



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