America’s Coupon Mailer Franchise Offers Opportunity and ROI

America’s Coupon Mailer Franchise Offers Opportunity and ROI

Who wouldn’t be interested in a true American story of building a business from the ground up, making it happen with blood, sweat and tears and now a corporate business, family owned and operated that generates over $700k in annual sales and over $200k in net income?  The America’s Coupon mailer business model is full of great history and offers a strong value proposition to a business looking to advertise their products and services. 


The America’s Coupon Mailer concept started out of necessity.  Willie Lass, the company’s founder and CEO was in transition from jobs and had moved his family to a new area of the country, Northern Arizona, where there was not the same job positions and opportunity as an employee.  Willie was introduced to a business model under the brand Money in the Mail.  The Money in the Mail concept was open in four territories with three different operators at the time and was struggling to find new ways to expand and grow.  The original founder was looking to move on to the next phase in his life and Willie connected at the perfect time for both of them. 


As Mr. Lass stepped in to what became America’s Coupon Mailer, what attracted him to the business model where the following traits and characteristics;


1.       The business model was simple and low overhead.  It didn’t require a large amount of employees….or really any employees until a territory reached a certain sales volume. 

2.       The customer base was essentially repeat business.  The advertising medium was so effective that once a client understood and saw what the America’s Coupon Mailer model could do for them, they stayed with the platform and kept marketing their products and services through the mailer. 

3.       What positions the America’s Coupon Mailer effectively is advertising that works and a marketing campaign that is actually geared to the individual business as opposed to mass produced for any business that markets within a publication.  By consulting with the business and really getting to understand what the value proposition is, then creating messaging and a hook to the advertising, the America’s Coupon Mailer marketing campaigns drive actual, real results for the businesses who spend money with them, it truly was a win-win scenario.

4.       Although digital is prevalent for marketing and sales in today’s business community, print still has a very stable position in the market.  Willie realized this early when he would interact with customers who received the publication and could hold onto it, read it and save the coupons for use.  The tangible, professional booklet seemed to make the offers more valuable. 


After Willie took over the publication, his motivation and drive to expand the business quickly took hold and the business expanded significantly within the Northern Arizona market.  Despite the lack of perfect demographics or market characteristics in the area, Willie was able to more than double the business in a short time period. The America’s Coupon Mailer franchise model was developed and launched in 2016 and the brand was quickly looking to national expansion through franchise growth. 


For more information on the America’s Coupon Mailer Franchise, Visit here:

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