The Success of the Kinder Karate® Program Leads To Franchising

The Success of the Kinder Karate® Program Leads To Franchising


The Success of the Kinder Karate® Program Leads To Franchising

Kinder Karate® is an established and proven child development program that has become popular with both teachers and parents by making education and development FUN. The program offers a different approach to training young children between the ages of 3 to 6 in a martial arts program designed for physical, mental, and emotional development. 

The program was started in 2012 by Kara Czerniak a parenting coach and successful author who has written books on child development. In the last six years, the program has generated a lot of buzz and has achieved an unprecedented acceptance from teachers and parents alike. What makes Kinder Karate® different from other popular martial arts programs?

Child Psychology + Fun Activities = Results

According to the CEO, the overall objective of the curriculum is to change how children are taught. She believes that children at this age need a specially designed curriculum that will be effective for sports and martial arts training. At the ages of 3-6 children need to be taught more than just skill to enable them to use both the right and the left side of the brain. Unlike other programs, it focuses on other aspects of training such as language, logic, and order.

Kinder Karate® has coaches that are qualified to train this age group. These coaches understand that at that age the right side of the brain is more dominant compared to children of an older age group. The curriculum is also designed specifically for young children.

Holistic Development for Kids

The benefits of martial arts for children can go beyond the physical with the right program. Kinder Karate® focuses on the child’s overall development not just physical fitness. Through the age-appropriate program, your child can benefit from improved confidence, better mental health, self-discipline, and self-respect. Qualified instructors provide a program tailored to each individual taking the classes rather than group all kids together without discerning their progress at each stage.

Martial arts programs for children are also plagued by other issues other than the curriculum or method of instruction. Some programs fail due to lack of communication and organization. Parents who have taken their children to martial arts classes in the past may be reluctant about a new program due to the bad experiences they’ve encountered.

Well Organized and Structured Franchise Systems

Coming up with a schedule that works with parents and the child’s families. Kinder Karate® believes in involving the parents throughout the duration of the program. Not only does this improve the quality of the sessions, but it helps parents organize themselves so that their children do not miss important classes. A lot of emphases is placed on maintaining communication between the instructor and parents to ensure your child is getting the best training for their physical and mental development.

The skills gained through the Kinder Karate® program can help your child be successful in school, sports, and other areas of life. The program is highly organized, tailored for your child and fun, to ensure students and parents are getting the best value for every class attended. The program has proven to be popular with children, parents and educators alike.


For more information on how the Kinder Karate Children’s Development Franchise model works, visit the franchise site here:

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