Poke Burri: Top Poke and Sushi Business in Atlanta Launches Sushi Franchise

Poke Burri: Top Poke and Sushi Business in Atlanta Launches Sushi Franchise

Friends Ken Yu and Seven Chang opened poke Burri in October 2016. Seven had just sold his tech company when Ken Yu, who brought extensive experience working in the food industry suggested that they launch a new restaurant concept serving poke and sushi dishes. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian raw fish salad and they planned to serve various variations of poke and burritos.  Ken and Seven planned to take Poke to an entirely new level and change people’s entire experience with the sushi product.  At Poke Burri, you can choose from the extensive, creative menu or make your own dish from scratch.

Ken and Seven combined their skills to create a value-driven sushi franchise model. Seven’s skills in Information technology and online business helped the business become popular through online marketing and Ken’s knowledge of food was instrumental in ensuring the food standards were of good qualityOnly two years after the first location was opened the business has gained a good reputation as one of the best places to get poke and sushi.

Poke Burri: The Restaurant and Location

The restaurant is located at 479 Flat Shoals Avenue in Atlanta Georgia. The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm. It is located inside the We Suki Suki food court which was formerly a Vietnamese restaurant but now has many booths serving a variety of exotic dishes. There is ample parking outside even during busy times. Inside the restaurant, there is group seating within the halls that have multiple food booths. The atmosphere is simple, quiet, and cozy with a small-town feel.

Unique Selling Point for Poke Burri

When starting the restaurant the two wanted to serve sushi but with a unique touch different from most of their competitors. Most places selling sushi-like Chipotle and Subways are essentially fast-food restaurants. Poke Burri seeks to provide higher standards of customer service and quality food. Food is prepared by chefs who take the time to work on the ingredients to deliver servings with great flavorAll food from sushi to vegetables is prepared from fresh ingredients.

There is a wide variety of poke, burritos and sushi dishes. The main items on the menu are starters, poke bowls and burrito rolls. The price for the main poke dishes is approximately $11 on average. You can make your own dishes or add toppings. 

Usually, your dish will come with generous toppings of avocado, lettuce, radish, ginger and a variety of sauces. Additionally, the restaurant has a box secret menu which is a result of the chefs constantly tweaking and trying to perfect the sushi offerings. Some of the popular items on the secret menu are sushi sandwiches, sushi corndogs and crab croquettes amongst others.

Reception and Media Coverage for the Poke Franchise 

The restaurant has been well received by the residents of the town as seen in media coverage and the countless accolades they’ve received within less than one and half years the restaurant has been in existence. In January 2017 they took part in a competition hosted by the Atlanta Underground Market and Sweet Auburn Market where they emerged number one for the best sushi corndog. It was named by AJC (Atlanta Journal and Constitution) as one of the best places in Atlanta to get poke bowls and sushi burritos. In June 2017 Poke Burri was named EACA Business Partner of the Month. The business owners have a franchise opening and hope to spread the concept to different regions across America.

More information on the Poke Burri franchise: https://franchiseconduit.com/franchise/poke-burri-franchise/
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