The Montessori Preschool Franchise That’s Disrupting the Florida Education Market

The Montessori Preschool Franchise That’s Disrupting the Florida Education Market

The Montessori Preschool Franchise That’s Disrupting the Florida Education Market

The Montessori League Academy has been defined as a “disruptive” franchise business in the Florida education market. In fact, it takes a unique stance financially speaking: instead of starting with what many consider a prohibitive $1 to $4 million, it wants to make the platform easily duplicable. As a result, the franchise is starting off at $350,000. The stance that the Montessori League Academy is making states that many established Montessori schools are not pure and authentic: in fact, many are “Montessori inspired” but don’t hold true to the values.

How do they back up this claim? The founder of the Montessori League Academy had the unusual benefit of a mentor, who was personally trained by the granddaughter of Maria Montessori herself. In addition, Director Salma Ajani has a Masters degree in Montessori – a rare qualification.

What is the Montessori League Academy?

The whole aim of the Montessori League Academy is to give more people the possibility to own a Montessori preschool franchise – at low risk and low cost. They aim to train these franchises and support them. This is not just with an eye to creating a successful business that can last but also to ensure that the children who attend these schools are also successful.

The whole idea of Montessori is to create a learning environment that prepares children for independent learning by nurturing their natural curiosity and create a deeper love of learning which will last for their whole lives. Based in South Florida, the Montessori League Academy follows the teachings of founder Maria Montessori, whose legacy has been going since 1907.

It’s pretty clear to see that the League is aiming in the right direction. The prohibitively expensive setup of current Montessori franchises is what often stops many people from even considering sending their children to these schools. This has the danger of nurturing what some might consider an “elite” environment. This very much goes against the philosophy of Maria Montessori. By lowering the costs and ensuring that is available to as many people as possible, children can truly begin to nurture their natural curiosity which could help to create a more progressive and innovative society. This gets to the very core of what education, in general, is trying to achieve in the first place.

Scalable and Duplicable Montessori Model

Nowadays, families have even more willingness to invest in the well-being and personal development of their children which makes many of them consider Montessori as an educational option. To satisfy this demand, the approach needs to be scalable and duplicable. Franchise Marketing Systems President, Chris Conner, states that the Montessori League’s management has successfully managed to incorporate business systems, processes, and technology into the Montessori market segment.

It is clear to see that there is a huge demand for Montessori in Florida, although the League is only planning to open ten schools in Florida. Hopefully, this will garner a lot more interest and generally make the concept of Montessori more accessible to parents, children, and educators who want to work with the teachings of the founder.


For more information on the Montessori Franchise, visit the company’s franchise page:


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