VR Junkies Launches New Games Targeting Corporate Team Building

VR Junkies Launches New Games Targeting Corporate Team Building

VR Junkies Launches New Games Targeting Corporate Team Building

Have you been participating in the same team building activities since your company inception? Then maybe it’s time to change to something more fun and out of the beaten path. VR Junkies is launching a number of games that enhance teamwork and cohesion among players.


More On VR Junkies

Corporate events have been predictable and quite dull over the years, which is how VR Junkies found a way to shake the status with virtual games. The company has launched several games that are geared towards teamwork while ensuring that players have fun.

The company is in different locations all over the country, and it has several games to be played by individuals as well as those designed for teams. One of the games, whose tagline is “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes,” involves locking a member of the team in a room with a ticking time bomb and equipping the teammates to defuse the bomb through teamwork.

The success of this mission will depend on their ability to communicate effectively and to work together. Worth noting is that fact that the players cannot see the bomb, and so they will need to follow the instructions on the manual to the letter while working with strict deadlines.

The other game is quite competitive and will take the form of a tournament. There are several games to participate in, and each player will advance based on their hunger for a win. Each game is point based with the player scoring the most point advancing to the next level. The overall winner is awarded the trophy having excelled in all the levels or being the best among their peers.

Before the games start, teams are trained to avoid injury while in the virtual space. They are also supplied with safety gear where the need be, and a member of VR’s staff is present at all times.


Why Choose VR Junkies?

The company is located in several different cities to make it even easier to choose the one closest to you. Apart from all the fun, these are other likely benefits.

  • For only $20 per person, you get to enjoy an hour of play with a member of the staff supervising t ensure that you are safe as you have fun.
  • The games are not only for fun, but they also encourage teamwork among players, which goes a long way in benefiting them at the workplace.
  • Everyone gets a fair chance to play and win.
  • The winner takes home a trophy, which brings out the competitive nature of the staff members. You as an employer will get the chance to see your team’s abilities and explore them further at the office.
  • You are allowed to bring food while drinks are provided for free.

About VR Junkies

VR Junkies was started to take advantage of the lack of virtual reality arcades in the US. The company was among the first in its field, and the first location led to several others being opened. The company opened itself to the corporate world and has been providing corporate gaming solutions since inception.

For more information, see https://vrjunkies.com/corporate-team-events/

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