The Dog House Franchise Makes Hot Dogs Fun Again

The Dog House Franchise Makes Hot Dogs Fun Again


The Dog House Franchise Makes Hot Dogs Fun Again.

Choosing the right franchise offering that best fits investment goals, lifestyle ambitions and overall direction on life can be a stressful time for a prospective franchise owner. Food service franchises have often offered up some of the most prolific brands in franchising and many of the best investment opportunities for multi-unit franchise owners.  The Dog House is a relatively new franchise offering of a 50+ year old brand in the food service market that we feel brings a great value proposition to the franchise market.   

Strong and Simple Franchise Operating Model

An incredible percentage of all new businesses fail in the first five years of operation, many times this is related to undercapitalization in the new business venture, but other times it is directly connected to the operational complexity of the business and the lack of having a streamlined business model in place.  It can be difficult to find a strong concept for a new business, especially in the food service industry. However, if you buy a franchise, you leverage a proven track record for a higher success rate. The Dog House franchise offering is simple, streamlined and well structured to allow for effectively duplication of the hot dog franchise in new markets.  

Fun and Meaningful Branding

There are lots of brands in the food service industry that are instantly recognizable, once they achieve scale and are able to replicate their success, the brand equity grows exponentially. Think about how quickly you know some of the logos out there in McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and others. The Dog House Franchise leverages over 50 years of brand exposure and experience in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. and franchisees in the region will immediately benefit from this already proven brand name.  The franchise marketing system is designed to create economy’s of scale by pooling marketing funds and driving more brand awareness to all operating locations. Locations look, feel and present in a unique format that creates value and drives traffic into the stores. 

High Operating Profit Margin

The Dog House franchise is a smaller operating concept, some of the locations are in as little as 400 square feet of space.  The model is designed to be quick, convenient and fast with a high quality of product.  This smaller footprint creates a very low initial investment and lower operating overhead.  The opportunity for a quick return on investment is significant with the Dog House franchise model.  The hot dog franchise has also created buying power with the foodservice providers, equipment vendors and other suppliers that franchisees can immediately benefit from.   

For more information on the Dog House Hot Dog Franchise, visit the franchise site:

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