We Welcome the RestoPros Franchise

We Welcome the RestoPros Franchise


We Welcome the RestoPros Franchise

If you’ve considered the restoration services market and understand the niche opportunity that this market segment presents, RestoPros should be on your list.  If you are looking to get into the restoration and remediation services industry, you have two options: start your own business or work with an experienced company to open a franchise and leverage their brand, business systems and proven operating model. Why go it alone when you can work with the experts at RestoPros through a franchise agreement? The company offers many different benefits as well as providing security and support in knowing you are making the right decisions when operating the day to day business. You still own the business, but since you’re under the RestoPros banner and brand, you’re not starting from scratch. Instead, you’re skipping over a lot of frustration and headache to hit the ground running.


The History of RestoPros 

RestoPros is based in North Carolina. The company was officially registered as an LLC in 2017, but the leadership team behind the company have years of experience in the industry. Alex Blair has worked in the remediation and restoration business since 2017, and the company already has a second location and over 20 experts on staff.  

Franchising has allowed RestoPros to provide more services to customers across the U.S. The decision to franchise was one Blair and his team did not make lightly—franchising does put the company brand on the line. That’s why every potential franchise owner is carefully screened and goes through a lengthy interview process to make certain they understand the brand and everything it stands for.


What Does a RestoPros Franchise Model Entail?

RestoPros provides damage restoration and mold remediation to both residential and commercial properties that have been damaged by fire, water, smoke, and mold. While franchises work directly with the property owners, they are most often paid by insurance. This means franchisees will also work closely with insurance agents. Customer referrals will also come from HVAC companies, plumbing companies, and others who often deal with issues related to fire and flood. Franchise owners will want to network with these professionals in order to gain valuable referrals.

As a franchise, you will be entitled to make use of the RestoPros brand name, logo, and other related graphics and terms. The company will provide you with various marketing materials, training guides, and other support as needed.


Why Buy a RestoPros Franchise?

As you can see, joining RestoPros does bring with it a large number of benefits. Simply being a part of an established brand instead of building your own is incredibly valuable. The marketing plans and materials are also highly valuable and can save you a large amount of money. Franchises are generally contracted for ten years, and they can be renewed. 

For more information or to begin the franchise process, contact RestoPros via their website:


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