Souley Vegan: Vegan Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Souley Vegan: Vegan Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Souley Vegan: Vegan Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

Tamearra Dyson opened her restaurant in June 2007. Being a vegan herself, she had a dream of starting her own vegan restaurant that served southern comfort foods. She has been preparing vegan dishes since she was 18 and she, therefore, felt up to the task. But at the time she had left a promising medical career to pursue her dream.

When she first opened her restaurant she had only $30 in the register. After only a few years of hard work, her business was featured on various blogs and media channels such as USA TODAY, Oakland Magazine, San Francisco Bay Guardian, amongst others. The business is now announcing a franchise opening for entrepreneurs who want to start their own restaurant or change their existing ones into a Souley Vegan Franchise.

The Concept behind Souley Vegan

The restaurant serves deliciously flavored vegan food with southern comfort menu twist. Its menu items such as the Okra Gumbo, Fried Okra, and Black Eyed Pea Fritters are popular with patrons. Souley Vegan also has vegan drinks, sandwiches, tofu burgers, and other dishes crafted for vegetarians. The restaurant has a casual ambiance with simple seats and chairs with pictures of jazz celebrities hanging on the walls. The eatery provides catering services on special occasions and can make a menu for special holidays. This provides another promising income stream for future franchisees.

The Investment to Start Your Own Souley Vegan

The cost of one franchise is $35,000. The total cost of investment including leasehold improvements, rent and real estate acquisition, furniture, training, and support, is expected to be between $199,000 and $290,000.

You can start your own restaurant from scratch or convert an existing one into a Souley Vegan franchise. The latter option could save you more on the cost of starting the franchise, especially given the fact that the franchisor uses simple designs that are not complicated for any regular restaurant to adopt.

A Food Service Franchise with the Franchisee In Mind. 

Souley Vegan offers exclusive territories to franchisees who are starting from scratch as well as those who have existing restaurants. Each territory is currently defined as an area with a population of 50,000 people, or an area of a five-mile radius. The franchisor will also make an effort to map each individual area based on the prevailing market circumstances at the time, to ensure the franchisee’s territory is fine-tuned for profitability.

Support and Training that Makes Souley Vegan Duplicable. 

The founder of the restaurant, Tamearra Dyson, worked through a myriad of setbacks to turn her dream of a vegan eatery into reality. The success of the business is based on a model that has been fine-tuned through day-to-day challenges that the franchisor had to overcome to make the business successful. The franchisor will provide training at the company’s headquarters in Oakland prior to opening your business.

This will be followed by training on the first days you open your restaurant as well as refresher training that will take place twice a year. Support will be provided on an ongoing basis. Franchisees will also get access to business training and material based on the model that turned Souley Vegan into the success it is today.


For more information on this incredible vegan food service franchise, visit the franchise page:

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