HiveCom Offers Opportunities for Business Owners to Expand Their Portfolio

HiveCom Offers Opportunities for Business Owners to Expand Their Portfolio

HiveCom Offers Opportunities for Business Owners to Expand Their Portfolio

The telecommunications giant, HiveCom, is opening up opportunities for interested businessmen who are looking to expand their portfolios with a new venture. This franchising opportunity comes at a great time as communication is now more important than ever and people are more gadget-centric. As an added bonus, HiveCom’s franchising opportunity is bundled with a few features and benefits to grab. Franchising opportunities rarely come as great as this.

Franchising with HiveCom

For those who want to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship and franchise with an industry giant, this is your chance. HiveCom is increasing its presence in the industry and is looking for franchisees who could make their franchise business succeed. Anyone is welcome to partner with the IP telecommunications company – be it a salesperson, an entrepreneur, or a former IT or Telecom professional. Anyone – even a plain housewife or husband – is qualified as long as they have the expertise in selling what the company has to offer, have the skills in providing the finest customer service, and should share the same vision that the said company has. The level of professionalism matters as well to qualify as one of the qualified franchisees.

Perks and Features of an Incredible Technology Platform

For as low as $73,450 as an initial investment in starting up your own HiveCom business, you’ll already enjoy lots of perks and features that come with it. With a little more than $70,000, you’ll have an introduction to the company’s marketing program, you wouldn’t have to bother thinking about the computer systems and other equipment needed, insurance, license and permit fees, and so much more as they are all included when you franchise with the telecom mogul.

Also, on-going support is also included. Apart from having a better understanding of the field, you’ll also be provided with operational, tech, and sales support. You’d also be able to provide better customer service and relations with the support that HiveCom will provide you.

Another thing that you can also benefit from franchising with the telecom giant, is that it’s okay if you don’t have an office space yet. With HiveCom, you can even open it up as a home-based business.

The company also makes use of revolutionized telephony technology. That being said, running it would be so much easier than others. With the latest tech services, you’ll be able to provide better services as well. In turn, you would have extra revenue opportunities.

Franchise Process to Duplicate the Hivecom Model

The process in franchising with us is so easy. You’ll just have to fill out the company’s evaluation form. After they receive it, HiveCom will give you a qualifying call and give you an introduction to the company and set an appointment. Afterward, the IP telecommunications giant will follow-up on you then you’ll close the deal.

The said IP telecommunications service provider has been in the industry for more than a decade now. For that reason, you can rest assured that partnering up with them is hassle-free and all the more worth it.

If you want to know more, check out their website at  or contact them via phone at 855-470-2563 . You can also send them an email about your inquiries at [email protected].


For more information on the Hivecom Franchise Investment, visit the franchise site:

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