Smash My Trash Franchise: An Innovative and Cost Effective Service with Great Potential

Smash My Trash Franchise: An Innovative and Cost Effective Service with Great Potential


Smash My Trash Franchise: An Innovative and Cost Effective Service with Great Potential

Smash My Trash LLC is a company based in Houston, Texas, that provides an efficient and waste disposal service for residential and commercial clients. The waste management service is unique and involves the use of a patented waste disposal technology as well as an application that enhances garbage collection and disposal. The service has proven to be popular in Houston, thanks to its cost saving and environmental safety benefits for both commercial and residential clients. The company now wants to find partners to expand to other territories around the United States.

The Trash Smashing Concept

Population growth and rapid urbanization continue to pose a serious challenge when it comes to waste disposal. Waste disposal has associated costs that are also increasing due to increasing demand for these services as well as new environmental regulations that organizations must comply with. Other factors include the rising energy costs that will factor in on the transport aspect of the waste disposal process.

Organizations are still struggling to find solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Through the Smash My Trash service landlords, homeowners, and commercial premises can have their trash effectively hauled to the site with minimal carbon footprint and a cost reduction of up to 20%.

As a franchisee, you will get access to the business patented technology and application to enable you to provide the highest level of service at reduced costs and to execute a proven system with marketing and a defined franchise model in place. The compacting machine has a backhoe-like arm that quickly compacts large volumes of trash by 80%. The machinery can be automated and managed by the client on site. By compacting the dumpster by a ratio of 5:1 you’ll only need to make trips to the landfill an eighth of the time which will save costs for both you and your client.

Income and Financial Opportunity with a Smashing Franchise

For franchisees, there are multiple income streams that will help maximize profitability and ensure that the business stays afloat regardless of the season. Residential clients can have their trash picked up on a daily basis and there are also clean outs and removal services for clients who want to get rid of old equipment, utensils, or furniture.

The commercial clients the franchisor has tailored services that are crafted depending on an organization’s needs. The business provides mobile compacting machines and open top containers for large facilities like airports, colleges, manufacturing industries, amongst others. The company has compacting equipment that can handle difficult materials to dispose of therefore giving the franchisee an edge over the competition.

Innovation and Forward Thinking

Unlike other waste management companies, Smash My Trash has demonstrated the use of simple, unique and innovative technology to reduce costs for companies and provide an environmentally safe solution. The service can cut down the miles driven by trucks by more than 50,000 miles per year for just one client.  The Smash My Trash Franchise has developed marketing systems needed to duplicate the model in virtually any market with lead generation, sales conversion mechanisms and professional branding.  The turnkey business offered by the franchisor has great opportunities for growth thanks to the environmentally friendly component of the service that is increasingly getting popular with both commercial and residential clients. Once you join the franchise the franchisor will provide training and professional support to get you started on your new location. Contact the franchisor to start your own profitable and efficient waste disposal service in your area today.


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