Rotten City Pizza: New Pizzeria Franchise Opportunity

Rotten City Pizza: New Pizzeria Franchise Opportunity

Rotten City Pizza: New Pizzeria Franchise Opportunity

Rotten City Pizza is a restaurant based in Emeryville, California that serves New York style pizzas, drinks, and salads. The pizzeria has been in operation since 2009. Thanks to its unique value proposition which includes locally sourced ingredients, hands-on management style, and friendly service, the business has become increasingly popular with locals in Emeryville, California. The company seeks to expand to new territories throughout the United States and is looking for franchisees that are passionate about this business to start a pizzeria in their respective territories.

Investment Opportunity, Reasonable for a Pizza Restaurant Franchise

The company is looking for individuals who have strong sales and customer service skills, have high personal standards, good time management skills and the ability to meet the initial investment requirements. The expansion of the franchise is expected to start with territories on the West Coast before expanding to other regions in the United States.

The amount a franchisee will be expected to invest ranges from about $252,000 to $621,000. This amount may vary depending on various factors that may be unique to your region such as the cost of leasing premises. The initial investment covers insurance, leasehold improvements, rent, license, permits, software, and furniture. Additionally, the franchisee is required to have a minimum net worth of $350,000 before they can qualify to start their own business.

Training to operate a Successful Pizza Franchise

In the last nine years that the company has been in operation, it has developed a working business model that can be replicated in new territories. To ensure new franchise locations are successful, the franchisor will provide training to franchisees in two main phases.

The first phase of the training will require franchisees to avail themselves at the company’s headquarters. The duration of the training is expected to be between two to four weeks. The first phase of the training will introduce the sales, marketing, administrate and operational aspects of the business to the owner. It will also include cooking, cleaning, and how to instill a culture in your employees.

The second part of the training will take place at your business premises one or two weeks before you open your restaurant.  The main objective of the second part of the training is meant to help the franchisee prepare the new staff before the doors open to the public. There will be a soft opening to get your staff prepared and confident so that they can deliver the level of service that Rotten City Pizza is reputed for.

Pizza Franchise Support Programs and Territory

The company has great support programs for franchisees. The company will share its unique strategies for capturing the attention of your target audience through is marketing program. You will also receive guidance on various aspects of business operations such as administrative procedures, pricing guidelines, food preparation guidelines, amongst others.

Given the franchise was recently launched; there are many opportunities for qualified franchisees to replicate this proven business model in their area. The company allows you to choose two locations and then they will guide you by determining the viability of these locations based on a number of factors such as the presence of franchisees in the area.


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