RetailBound: A Low Investment Option for Starting a Professional Business

RetailBound: A Low Investment Option for Starting a Professional Business

Retail Bound

Sometimes, every once in a while, the franchise/license market place produces some truly unique and industry changing business models that stand to define an entire marketplace.  If you are a small or medium producer who sells products to retailers, you probably already know how hard it can be to try and compete with the bigger brands that have the whole market covered. They not only have a much bigger outreach, but they can also strike deals with retailers that can easily leave you a new manufacturer or distributor of the game. You might be asking your team to fulfill certain retail marketing tasks only to have them come up with nothing. This probably has nothing to do with their capabilities, but with the fact that you could use an expert to train you in the best practices to get it done.  RetailBound was designed to offer solutions to these customers, big or small or in between there are a wide range of manufacturing or distribution companies that need help in this particular area of business – how do I sell more of my product and effectively manage retail distribution of my good or service?


The Solution

It’s good to know that in today’s business community, you can find people and businesses that are expert at basically everything. So whatever it is that you need, someone can offer you a solution. RetailBound is a company that can work with you in order to create or improve marketing programs, program communications and development and sales training and motivation, among a number of other services.  RetailBound provides real-world solutions for businesses and in the meantime, has a proven business model where a consultant has the opportunity to offer a professional, effective and low investment business model to retail and business coaches. 


Experts Help

Whether a business needs help with launching a new product line, streamlining sales for existing distribution or just overall retail consulting assistance, RetailBound has valid solutions to help.  You have the opportunity to take RetailBound’s business systems, processes, name recognition and proven business model to leverage in starting your new business.  With this business model, you have the opportunity to offer an expert’s advice and guidance on a new product launch your client’s are planning on launching, and how to approach retailers in order to sell it.  This dynamic creates a unique position of having inbound leads come to you and a high margin consulting practice as a result of your working with businesses to develop retail strategy. 


Yohan Jacob

Yohan Jacob, the founder and former retail buyer can offer you powerful insight on how retailers work internally, giving you the tips and advice that might make a difference when you approach them. His experience and expertise in retail marketing has led him to write an acclaimed book to share his knowledge and he has helped numerous businesses thrive. 


The Opportunity

With a set of 10 guiding principles that are sure to help you out, this small firm can offer you the knowledge that will mean the whole difference for your specific product or service. They are more than willing to help and you can easily get in touch with them through their webpage in order to talk about your case and needs. Make sure you are making the most out of your business. Stop waiting for things to simple resolve themselves. Get in touch with the professionals who will be able to lead you down the right path!


For more information on the RetailBound license model, please visit the listing page for an overview of the business model:


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