Rent a Ruminant: A Franchise Creating an Industry

Rent a Ruminant: A Franchise Creating an Industry

Rent a Ruminant Franchise

Franchises can represent a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to invest their money into a new business, but isn’t willing to accept the risk inherent in a purely entrepreneurial venture. As a proven business model, you will have the chance to pay an established fee for the rights to use a brand and all of their information in order to set up a business, run by yourself.  A Franchise is truly a business in a box with mentorship and guidance from someone who has already paved the way. This paradigm couldn’t be any more accurate for the Rent a Ruminant franchise model.  Tammy Dunakin founded the Rent a Ruminant business model out of a pure love for animals and working with them, the idea turned into a solid business and the business turned into a thriving franchise. 


Keeping it Fun

One thing you should consider when acquiring a franchise is that it should be a type of business that you not only enjoy, but find fun and interesting. Any kind of business can turn boring if the product or service you offer is not something you truly enjoy or are passionate about. For this reason, the Rent a Ruminant franchise has been very appealing to those who enjoy the outdoors and working with animals.  The Rent a Ruminant franchise is as much of a lifestyle business as we could find along with being a great business, people can do things they enjoy and have fun at work with goats!


Unique is Good

Rent-A-Ruminant is a franchise unlike anything you’ve probably ever come across. You might have read about companies that offer garden services, retail businesses, restaurant or other general franchise categories. Rent a Ruminant has taken ingenuity to a new level and completely redefined the landscaping space by leveraging a very, and I mean very hungry animal who loves to eat brush and unwanted overgrowth in your yard.  This fun franchise offers rental of goats to commercial and residential customers. Yes, rental of goats. The business model rents goats that naturally take care of eating all the unwanted vegetation. This is a business model that isn’t only eco-friendly and different, it also offers clients the chance to interact with goats; something that is especially attractive for animal lovers and eco-friendly people. 


The Business

When acquiring a Rent-A-Ruminant franchise, you are, ultimately, getting a proven and documented business model. And like any kind of business, you will have to work hard to make it successful, but the franchise will provide you with a plan for success. The franchise comes with the brand, franchise marketing systems, business plan, procedures, marketing, collateral, equipment vendor discounts and arrangements and a number of other things that will put you one step ahead in the game. The Rent a Ruminant Franchise allows you to work hard and get things done the right way and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of working for yourself!


The Perks

There are a number of benefits that you will receive from Rent-A-Ruminant, including their help in getting customers, marketing your services, establishing your goat herd and using their network. They will help out with staffing, equipment acquiring and even marketing, so there’s nothing you have to worry about. You will be placing yourself in good hands and will be working towards this fun idea that can change the game of the landscaping market. Check out their webpage to find out more about the business and ask for a free strategy session to make sure you are a good fit for each other!


For more information on the Rent a Ruminant Franchise, visit the corporate site:

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