Picture Perfect: Take Advantage of One of the Fastest Growing Concepts in Franchising

Picture Perfect: Take Advantage of One of the Fastest Growing Concepts in Franchising


Picture Perfect: Take Advantage of One of the Fastest Growing Concepts in Franchising

If you’re trying to sell a home and you’re finding it hard to get the attention of potential buyers, it could be that you’ve not made it ready for your audience. Home buyers want to see how the home will look like with their furnishings and decorations.  Therefore staging and home management could be just what you need before you advertise your property to potential buyers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, home staging reduces the time your home stays in the market by half and increases its value by 15% more, compared to a house that has not been staged.  Flower placement, rearranging furniture, cleaning and painting walls are some of the things that homeowners could do to get the attention of buyers and increase the perceived value of the home.

Picture Perfect Staging

Picture Perfect Staging specializes in providing professional staging and home management services. The business was founded 10 years ago by Ms. Laura McInnes. Ms. McInnes had previously worked as a National Training Director for a Fortune 500 company, and also has experience working for E.J. Gallo Winery. The knowledge she acquired helped her understand the impact of excellence in customer service experience and the true value of operational excellence.

She quickly realized that while there were people providing staging and home management services, many of them were not doing it in a manner that will have the desired impact on potential buyers. She, therefore, began recruiting certified design experts who could use furnishings, flower arrangements and also perform other home management tasks to turn the property into a buyer’s dream home.

For Picture Perfect Staging, staging and home management is a fine art and a service that has been mastered through years of repetition. There are aspects of presentation and arrangement that a certified design professional can see that vendors, homeowners, and realtors may ignore. Certified Design experts can add objectivity into the art, where homeowners may choose to hold onto antiques or furniture for sentimental reasons.

The National Association of Realtors also states that 90% of home buyers searched online first before visiting the property. Home staging allows homeowners to prepare images of the house that are most likely to appeal to potential buyers going through online listings.

The Staging and Property Management Franchise

After a decade in business, Picture Perfect Staging has developed a business model with a low cost of investment and good returns. With less than $40,000 you can start your own Picture Perfect Staging franchise and help homeowners transform their houses into a dream home for potential buyers.

When you start your franchise in your location, the franchisor will provide you with the training and tools that have turned the Picture Perfect Staging into a success for more than a decade. The operational systems are designed to minimize your staffing needs and cut down overall costs. Picture Perfect Staging uses a web-based operational dashboard to train, support, and solve problems that franchisees are facing across the country.

The franchisor is looking for franchisees who are motivated, have demonstrated success in business, and have excellent customer service skills to take advantage of one of the fastest growing concepts in franchising today.


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