RockBox Fitness Franchise

RockBox Fitness Franchise

RockBox Fitness Franchise

RockBox Fitness is a state-of-the-art group fitness studio based in North Carolina. With three corporate locations in the state and five franchisees who have recently joined the network, RockBox Fitness is now looking to expand their RockBox business model through franchising. RockBox Fitness saw the opportunity to change lives by offering an exciting and profitable business model to those interested in ownership of a fitness franchise. Their mission is to create a welcoming chain of boxing studios that are unique, energetic, and proven for both men and women.

A Fitness Franchise with Personality

The model of RockBox Fitness began in Charlotte, North Caroline, where it has found remarkable success. The franchisor is looking for franchisees who are willing and committed to excellent service in the fitness industry. The franchisee should have high personal standards and strong sales and customer service abilities. Ongoing research and development are vital to the success of the RockBox Fitness franchise. In addition, to ensure success in this industry, effective and efficient management of timing and schedules should be practiced.

RockBox Fitness concept is to provide a membership-based enrollment that offers high-quality training and classes to each of their members. Each and every member immediately feel welcome when entering the fitness studio for a high-energy workout. RockBox Fitness uses top-of-the-line equipment; members receive personalized workouts in a clean and structured environment. They use strength training, boxing, and kickboxing to deliver an intense full-body workout to each member of their fitness facility.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Each RockBox Fitness franchise owner is never alone in this business opportunity. Outstanding support is provided to each franchisee in numerous stimulating areas. Some of these areas of support include marketing, purchasing, operational, account and legal. Ongoing research and developing is provided as well to ensure success in the fitness industry.

To begin, approximately 8-12 weeks prior to the scheduled opening of the franchise, the franchisee will receive 1-2 weeks of initial training at the RockBox headquarters. Next, franchisees can expect to be provided with on-site training to assist in the opening of the business operations for approximately one week of time. Ongoing training is provided two times per year at the RockBox headquarters. Each franchisee receives continuous support to ensure the success of the business.

RockBox Fitness Franchise Structure

The sales and marketing aspect of any business receives a competitive advantage when exclusive territories are utilized. The RockBox Fitness franchise system is no different. They understand and the competitive advantage is the reason they allow an exclusive territory to each of its franchisees.

Based on zip code on an area of a map, each territory of a RockBox studio are decided on numerous factors including but not limited to, population, median household income, median age, capabilities of the buyer, and the existence of competition.

Fees and Initial Investment

RockBox Fitness franchise fee is relatively low as well as the initial cost of investment. There is a great potential for profit with each franchise. With three fitness studios in North Carolina, those looking to start their own successful business can take advantage of the numerous territories available.


For more information on the Rock Box Franchise Marketing System, visit the franchise site:


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