Mom’s Table Franchise Launches!

Mom’s Table Franchise Launches!

Mom’s Table Franchise Launches!

Mom’s Table is a specialty prepared meal service that provides delicious home cooked meals that you can take out or order online. The business was founded in 2008 by Joanne and Scott Rooks with a core focus on making great food with homemade food qualities. One of the co-founders – Joanne – has had more than 40 years experience in the restaurant business. Mom’s Table is currently looking for franchisees to partner with and expand the brand to new territories.

The eatery was started with the goal of providing meals for individuals and families that could not find the time to prepare one at home. With more and more people looking for a place they can conveniently find healthy and fresh food, the restaurant has grown significantly in the last few years.

The Prepared Meal Franchise Concept

Preparing fresh and homemade style food for clients is not always easy. Joanne Rooks one of the co-founders of the business has more than four decades experience preparing homemade meals. She has for the past 10 years worked to create a successful business model that can be replicated in other regions of the United States.  The model defines all the different aspects of the business from accounting, preparation of meals to service delivery. A food delivery system, particularly of home cooked meals, is a popular concept with high chances of success.

There are catering and delivery services offered by the restaurant. Customers can call or order online from home. The business provides several viable income streams for franchisees. The main shop does not require a lot of space for operations and serving customers. This reduces the total cost of investment as well as recurring monthly costs. The catering service can be tailored to fit a wide variety of tastes whether for birthday parties or corporate events.


Training and Support so you can Start Your Own Prepared Meal Franchise

Franchisees will be provided with the necessary training and support to enable them to run the business successfully. The first initial training will be held at the company’s headquarters in Roswell, Georgia. This will take place weeks before the commencement of your business. Additionally, there will be further training at the site by staff from the company’s headquarters.  Support will be provided for different aspects of running the business. You will be guided on the equipment and computer systems you need to keep your business running. Legal and accounting support will also be provided at any time you need the franchisor’s assistance. Mom’s Table will also release information on an ongoing basis from their research and development department. This will include new information on marketing, meal preparations, or other aspects of the restaurant’s day-to-day business.


Investment to Start Your Own Prepared Meal Franchise

You can start your own Mom’s Table franchise with an investment of between $94,600 to 182,600. The franchise fee is $30,000. The total investment includes the franchise, training and support fees.  If you are interested in the franchise, you can apply online today. The franchisor holds discovery days where they demonstrate to potential franchisees the viability of the concept and how easy it is to duplicate. This is a simple but popular concept ideal for those who love to start a homemade food business, but aren’t in love with the idea of opening a full service restaurant, the Mom’s Table Franchise could be an excellent franchise opportunity.  For more information, visit the franchise page here:

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