Lice Ladies Franchise Press Release

Lice Ladies Franchise Press Release

Lice Ladies Franchise

The safest and most effective method to get rid of human head lice is to comb out the bugs and nits (eggs.)  Studies have shown that pediculosis capitis, human head lice, are becoming more and more resistant to pesticides which includes the prescriptions.  Many people struggle for weeks and months to effectively treat human head lice on their children or themselves.

There are many false warranties by pesticide manufacturers and misleading ads. It only takes 3-5 years for the bugs to become resistant to a new insecticide product.  Nothing on the market really kills, dehydrates or freezes the nits.  They must be combed out or they will continue to hatch.

What is so scary about putting pesticides on a human head?  Well we invite these pesticides into our own bloodstream when we do this.  They can begin to attack our central nervous system…in effect poisoning the human…not just the pesky louse.

Health officials have continued to recommend these products but these pesticide based drugs been reported to cause many health problems-even death.

If you’re curious as to what we use at Lice Ladies, we use our own enzyme based, non-toxic product, Lice Ladies Evict along with our comb, the Lice Ladies Evict comb, to safely and effectively comb out all of the bugs and nits.  Enzyme based products do not get into the blood stream and attack the central nervous system of the human being treated like the pesticide products can and do.  Safety is our number one priority.

Our revolutionary product is enzyme based.  We use an enzyme combo formula…one of which is a protein eating enzyme.  Our enzyme formula is currently stronger than most of the enzyme formulas on the market.  Lice Ladies Evict treatment mousse aids in dissolving the nit glue that binds nits to the hair shaft.   This allows much easier removal of the nits with our Evict lice comb, resulting in a lice and nit-free head.  The enzyme also begins to eat the exoskeleton of any live bugs.  Evict contains a small amount of peppermint essential oil added to the enzyme formula.  This aids in soothing the scalp during the treatment process.

This product has been researched and field tested on thousands of lice infested heads and has proven to be effective on all ages.

We even have an NDC from the FDA on our products and our comb is registered as a medical device with the FDA.

Jennie Lasater,
Founding Owner of Lice Ladies,
Lice Ladies Products and Lice Ladies Franchise Clinics 
[email protected]
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