L.I. Wings n Things! Franchise with Great Potential in the Quick Restaurant Service

L.I. Wings n Things! Franchise with Great Potential in the Quick Restaurant Service

For Immediate Release May 2018

New York, NY

L.I. Wings n Things! Franchise with Great Potential in the Quick Restaurant Service

L.I. Wings n Things! is a quick restaurant service business based in Farmingville, New York, with more than 10 years in the industry. The business owes its success to its commitment to offering great food and excellent service for the decade they’ve been in business. Now L.I. Wings n Things! is looking for partners who will help expand the business into other territories in the United States.

The Concept

L.I. Wings is a Quick Service Restaurant that is gaining popularity in Long Island thanks to its chicken wings which are the main offerings in this eatery. The eatery has a variety of chicken wings options; you can either have them breaded or unbreaded, traditional or boneless, and they can be doused in spices and sauces of varying flavors and heat. If you’d rather have something else other than wings, there are popular delicious menu items such as Parmesan French fries, Waffle Garlic, Quesadillas, BBQ ribs, burgers, sandwiches, as well as fresh salads, amongst other delicious foods.

The variety of delicious foods and flavor makes it a great place to take friends colleagues and family. It is a quick service restaurant, with a counter serve shop where you can order to eat or take out. It is a relatively small shop with less than a dozen two-seat tables. However, the place is clean and spacious. You can order to pick up. The restaurant is open between 10 am and 11 pm on weekdays and noon to 9 pm on Sundays.

The Franchise

The quick-service restaurant industry reportedly generates more than $782 billion a year in revenue. The franchisor hopes to gain a foothold in the market through the franchise offering. The chicken wing business has been growing exponentially with some reports indicating that chicken in America is being consumed as fast as it is produced, therefore creating a lot of business for farmers, producers and those with eateries with wings on its menu.

L.I. Wings want to provide a business model to franchisees that will help them set up the business in a relatively short time, ensure the systems are efficient and maximize profitability in this industry that has shown great potential for growth. The franchisor has developed a model that requires $50,000 to start. Using its decade in business L.I. Wings will help franchisors with:

  • Marketing: Assist franchisees in coming up with a marketing strategy that will yield the best results in the market. The franchisor will provide marketing tools and know how to make the process easier.
  • Training: Get exclusive information on setting up your own L.I. Wings franchise. There will be training at the franchisor headquarters in Farmingville, New York, and follow up training at your location.
  • Ongoing Support: You will have access to tools needed to ensure your business operations run smoothly. Staff from the headquarters will be sent to your location to assist you with marketing, accounting, route management and logistics, amongst others.

L.I. Wings n Things! is a popular restaurant on Long Island with a franchise opening that requires very little capital. The business has been developed through a decade of tweaking and is excellent for anyone looking to get into the increasingly lucrative quick service restaurant industry.


For more information on the L.I. Wings brand, visit the corporate site:


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