Kika Stretch Studios Franchise

Kika Stretch Studios Franchise

Kika Stretch Studios Franchise

Kika Stretch Studios has an open franchise opportunity for people who have a passion for fitness and wellness and are community oriented. Kika Stretch Studios developed the proprietary KIKA Method which offers one-on-one passive training sessions and an incredible fitness franchise platform built around stretching.

The system was developed by Hakika DuBose a personal trainer, professional dancer, and yoga instructor. She developed the system from her own experience, incorporating what worked for her as a dancer. The system integrates dance techniques that have been used by professionals to keep their bodies supple and young for years. The studio also offers the Kika Stretch Age® and Kika Stretch Years® markers to track your level of progress.


The Franchise

Franchisees can expect to benefit from the following:

  • Low Investment: One of the advantages of being an owner of a stretching franchise is that you do not need a significant capital outlay to start your business. You’ll still need to spend on the leasehold improvements, utilities, architecture and design and furniture. However, the franchise is a relatively low cost with the total franchise cost averaging $82,000.
  • Fast Return: This low-cost investment offers the possibility of a fast return. The staff at the headquarters will train you on the methods of acquiring new clients quickly. These are the methods that have worked for Kika Stretch for years. For those with a passion for stretching and coaching, this is a great opportunity to develop a professional career by starting your own studio.
  • Proprietary System: The KIKA Method is was developed by the owner Hakika Dubose. She has had years of experience as a dancer and is a qualified personal trainer. The stretch system is only available in a few locations. By taking up the franchise, franchisees get access to this system in their territories.
  • In-Depth Training: Kika Stretch Studios seeks to expand to new territories through its franchise program. The program includes an in-depth training program to ensure that the Kika Method is replicated with the same level of quality it has been taught at the original studios. You’ll receive training at the company’s headquarters and additional training on-site.
  • Support: Support will be provided by the franchisor as the need arises. The support will include areas such as auditing, marketing, legal, operations, and accounting. Ongoing support will be provided periodically to ensure your business in on track. The research and development department will also be providing reports from time to time.



The franchisor is keen on attracting franchisees that meet a number of criteria. The franchisee should be creative, always operate with complete integrity, and have customer service skills. There are some qualifications that the franchisor would like to see from an ideal franchisor but are not absolutely necessary for the applicants. Some of these are; having a corporate background, have an artistic background and be social media savvy. The franchisee should have the ability to manage each of the sessions by themselves, and also have the skills to manage the business effectively. Kika Stretch Studios franchise is a great opportunity for anyone looking to start a fitness studio with great potential for business.

For more information on the Kika Stretch Franchise offering, visit the franchise page here:



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