How Avendelle Senior Care Homes is Revolutionizing Assisted Living

How Avendelle Senior Care Homes is Revolutionizing Assisted Living

Avendelle Senior Care Homes franchise

Avendelle Senior Care Homes is a franchise that is aiming to revolutionize nursing homes around the country.  It was started by its two founders Esther and Douglas Cromwell in 2005. Esther, who has a Masters of Social Work, began researching what would happens in senior home facilities and sought to make far reaching changes.  In January 2006, they got their first client and soon after the home was full. A second home was opened in 2007, and the third in 2008. All this time they were catering for Medicaid patients only. They would later change to cater for private pay clients who had medical conditions that did not allow them to care for themselves.  Soon thereafter, Esther and Douglas partnered with a Terry Hubbard who brought systems, processes and additional direction to the organization and after the opening of the fourth home in 2013, the founders decided to open a franchise opportunity. The Avendelle model is unique in that the facilities are all residential homes that were converted into a senior home making the experience for a resident more pleasurable, cozy and safe for them.


Home-like Environment

Avendelle Senior Care Homes strives to provide a home like environment that does not feel like an institution. The home is designed to be small with a cozy interior where seniors can feel relaxed and at home rather than feeling like they are locked up in a senior’s facility.  The home also prioritizes the independence of its residents. There is therefore no fixed schedule where everyone is supposed to be doing the same thing at the same time. There are routines but residents are given the options not to participate in those activities. They can participate in whichever activity they feel is convenient or comfortable for them. Avendelle Senior Care Homes recognizes that providing a dignified residential setting should also prioritize independence, because even seniors with multiple health problems are not children.  The senior home care franchise offers has family focused facilities and an experience that is truly unmatched in the entire senior care market segment. The houses are designed to be occupied by six to eight residents at a time depending on senior care licensing requirements in a given state or market. The home has living rooms, dining rooms, and in some cases there are sun rooms. Most residents choose to live in their own rooms and can have the luxury of their own living space and comfort of a private home.



Avendelle Senior Care Homes franchise model seeks to exceed expectations in all areas of assisted living care. This is evident in the fact that the ratio of staff to residents is 1:3. This is beneficial to the residents as they will get the attention they need promptly, whenever they have a problem.  It is also beneficial to the staff as they are not overworked by trying to attend to tens of residents as is the case in other seniors’ home. Overall the quality of care is much higher than any other home, including those that boast of providing a similar homelike environment. It is therefore a win-win situation for everyone working or living in the home.  The Avendelle Senior Care Homes is set to revolutionize the industry in a big way and the Avendelle senior home franchise model now allows for others to take part in this massive and growing market segment. Its success is currently being replicated through their unique franchise model which seeks to uphold the standards of the pioneering homes. 


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