Announcing the Launch of the Pro Chef USA Franchise

Announcing the Launch of the Pro Chef USA Franchise

For Immediate Release-November 2016


Announcing the Launch of the Pro Chef USA Franchise


Pro Chef, the leading knife sharpening and chef wares mobile services company, is proud to announce the launch of its franchise model. The Pro Chef business is the lone mobile sales and service company in the industry that is focused on servicing the culinary arts, caterers, chefs, as well as the hotel and restaurant industry.


What is Pro Chef?


Pro Chef is the only business with a mobile knife sharpening franchise concept that service the culinary industry by providing various kinds of kitchenware as well as the best knife sharpening service. Unlike other businesses wherein clients need to exert time and effort to reach their stores, the Pro Chef is completely different as its service truck comes to where the clients are! 


Every Pro Chef franchise truck is filled items that can satisfy the needs of every culinary professional in the industry such as cutleries, small wares, knives, as well as Chef coat, pants, and shoes. Their knives sharpening services ensure that every kind of knife, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, is fully sharpened and functioning as new.


Why Choose the Pro Chef Franchise Model?


There many reasons why numerous entrepreneurs should invest in the Pro Chef franchise model. Some of the top reasons why this franchise should be considered in every entrepreneur’s list include the following:


• It is a reliable and dependable business having more than 95% repeat business with existing clients.

• It is a franchise system that works considering that it is the only want that provides this kind of service in the industry.

• It has made its mark in an industry that is steadily growing through the years.

• It is a one-of-a-kind franchise idea as the model does not require a real estate investment or lease of property.

• It is a business that is completely secured considering that you can watch your “store” 24/7.

• It is flexible as third party financing is available for clients.

• It provides the best support system for clients to succeed – operational, marketing, accounting, audit, and legal support, among others. Moreover, all beneficial results of the Pro Chef research and development team will be cascaded to all franchisee.

• It is friendly to first-time entrepreneurs as securing the same does not require any franchise or business experience.


Given all the above-mentioned kinds of support, the work-life balance of the knife sharpening franchisee not only is profit driven, but allows for the freedom to have a great lifestyle as well.  


Service and Product Offering


The Pro Chef franchise is the leader in sharpening service (all types of knives, robot coupe blades, buffalo choppers, etc.) considering the attention and effort they exert in every job. The level of quality they provide is consistent, regardless of the price of the item to be sharpened, since every client is valuable and deserves the best service. 


In regards to the products, every Pro Chef knife sharpening franchise truck has a complete inventory of the following items ready for selling:

• Small wares

• Chef tools

• Chef uniforms (coats, aprons, pants, and hats, among others)

• First aid 

• Products for food safety



Contact Information:

Address: 235 Rolling Hills Road Mooresville North Carolina

Phone: (704) 660 1908


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